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ezTalks - What Can Sales People Do with Video Conferencing?

ezTalks - What Can Sales People Do with Video Conferencing?

Sales is an activity that involves a lot of collaboration between lots of people. In the old days, one of the most powerful and productive sales activities is the face-to-face sales meeting. In order to build a personal rapport with their customers, build trust, and gain understand of customers. Sales people need to spend a great deal of time traveling to meet with customers. It is also a huge limiting factor on what a salesperson can do. After all, a salesperson can only be in so many places at once.Video Conferencing Equipment

However, it is not always necessary to travel around, in order to maximize their productivity. Sales people are always looking for new technology. In recent years, with the rapid development of technology and improvement of Internet bandwidth, many sales people began to use video conferencing to conduct their work activities between their customers and partners

Video conferencing is cheap and very easy to deploy, all you need is to get a camera and a computer or mobile devices such as Android devices or iOS device etc with good Internet connection in high-definition (up to 1080p) video. It is a good idea for sales people to communicate with their customers, clients and colleagues anytime, anywhere they can.

Sales people can use video conferencing to do the following things:

1) Do sales presentation: A good video conferencing solution provides all the features one needs to have an engaging, personalized meeting with customers. In addition to video feeds that enable customers and salespeople to see each other, there is screen sharing, which enables presenters to show as they tell, and there are annotation tools that enable context specific highlighting and visual augmentation.

As long as all parties to the meeting have Internet access, the meeting can be held anytime, anyplace. Participants only need to be in front of a PC with Internet access. Video conferencing provides a simple way to bring all the decision makers together for one presentation in a way that they can all see and interact with each other. This becomes a more efficient way to communicate that can accelerate business decisions.

2) For sales team: For many business models, sales is a team effort. There may be an account manager, but there may also be a solution specialist, a business process analyst, and others. All of these people must engage with the customers during the sales cycle. These communications become more complex if those people are in different locations. A video conferencing software offers a simple way to bring all sales team members together in a conference with the customer.Free Video Conferencing

 3) Conduct product demonstration: For certain kinds of products, a video conferencing program is an
excellent platform for delivering product demos. With high-definition video, the presentation team is
able to observe customer reactions to the presentation, which is important for any follow-on discussion.

4) Do sales training: As any sales manager knows, sales people require training to stay current on
product offerings and presentation strategies. They also need contact to help them stay focused and motivated. A video conferencing tool provides a way to do this that is far more cost effective than bringing the entire sales force out of the field and into a motivational meeting. A video conference also takes less time away from sales activities.

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ezTalks - How to Choose The Right Video Conferencing Solution?

ezTalks - How to Choose The Right Video Conferencing Solution?

Video conferencing offers an convenient for companies to connect with clients and partners around the world. It enables people to talk face-to-face as if you were in the same room. Many organizations need to frequently to use video conferencing,some often on a daily basis so as to remain competitive without it.

But how to get the right video conferencing software? As you know, there are many video conferencing programs online. You’d better consider what you need before comparing and getting your desired video conferencing solution. Below are some points that you need to know when choosing the right video conferencing solution.Video Conferencing Equipment

1. Cost

Before investing in a particular video conferencing solution, you need to know the ROI - will the technology pay off? Notably:

  • Is the price reasonable for this value?
  • Does it fit in your budget?
  • Will it be worth the investment over the span of its expected useful life?

Don’t spend money on a solution if your answers to these questions is negative.

2. Features

This goes hand-in-hand with your budget, because advanced features or additional functionality come at a price. If all you want is to make an occasional video call with only one participant for example, you don’t need to pay for a tool that allows you up to 20 video attendees. Chances are, that just a Skype subscription will suffice. However, if you want to hold regular video conferences while also collaborating with your attendees, you need to look for a tool that has online collaboration capabilities like ezTalks.

Think of all the possible uses you will have for a video conferencing tool first, write these down and look for a video conferencing solution that will cater to that. This will help you find something that will fit your purposes perfectly, and you won’t end up paying for features that you don’t need.Free Video Conferencing

3. Needs

Once you’ve figured out your budget and what features you’ll need, you’re ready to start contacting video conferencing vendors. When you do so, be completely honest about your needs and your office setup, so they can help you find the best solution for your company. It also helps to make your budget clear, so you know straight away if the vendor has a video conferencing system that fits your needs.

Keep in mind that the better you know what you needs and the better you communicate them to potential vendors, the quicker you’ll have a working video conferencing system that fits your company’s needs perfectly.

4. Security

Security is critical no matter what the technology you consider. You must be insistent on the question of security. Hacking is omnipresent. Do research before asking your vendors questions – you need to understand the types of encryption codes and other security features that are available with the systems that you’re planning on purchasing.

5. Support

Help desksare required regardless of technology purchased. Pay attention to tech support terms to know how much service will be furnished post-sale as well as expected/guaranteed turnaround time. Don’t purchase a system where support isn’t unconditional and immediate.

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ezTalks - 2014-2016 E-learning Market Trends-European E-learning Market

ezTalks - 2014-2016 E-learning Market Trends-European E-learning Market

17 years ago, Peter Drucker, an American management consultant, educator and author once said, “Universities won’t survive. The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast.”

According to the related statistics that the worldwide market for Self-Paced E-Learning reached $35.6 billion in 2011. The five-year compound annual growth rate is estimated at around 7.6% so revenues should reach some $51.5 billion by 2016.Free Video Conferencing

And in the next articles of the blog, we will show you with geographical insights what’s the e-learning trends between 2014-2016 in different regions of the world like Asian, African, European, Eastern European, North American, Western European, Latin American and Middle Eastern. Let’s first have a look at Eastern European E-learning market:

2014-2016 E-learning Market Trends — European E-learning Market

2014-2016 E-learning Trend Market Trends: European Market

The European E-learning overview:

1. Significant market size

Of the $4.1 trillion spent on education and training, approximately 25% is in Europe, making it the 2nd largest market, Europe boasts 27% more teachers than the US, with 4.6 million teachers as compared to 3.6 million in the US.

2. A highly fragmented market

The European E-learning market is a highly fragmented market comprising up to 3,000 predominantly small entrepreneurial companies. The fragmentation represents in part the early stage nature of the industry and the market difference within Europe.Video Conferencing Equipment

3. Limited invested capital to date

Although the relative difference in the size of markets between the US and Europe is not significant yet there is a big difference in the volume of venture deals in e-Learning. Since 2007, 60% of global venture investments in e-Learning have been in the US. Europe only accounts for 6% over the same period

4. Split between corporate & academic

The spend on academic education and learning outweighs the spend on corporate training by about 18x. There is also a regional split between northern and southern Europe where for example in the Nordics workers are 4x more likely to be receiving training than in southern Europe.

5. European M&A still nascent

The level of activity within e-Learning M&A in Europe is currently limited, with very few deals over $20 million. The market remains in development. The increase in venture investment is expected to fuel expansion and in due course increase strategic activity

6. IBIS Capital’s View on Europe

The evidence of increased investment in Europe in the sector and anecdotal support that companies are experience an upsurge in activity points to a market on the turn. We expect the e-Learning market to be characterised over the next 3 years by a significant increase in investment in the sector as well as a level of consolidation as companies seek scale

Most distance learning software including a computer-based training system and communications tools to produce a virtual classroom. Find a distance learning software that interests you from the variety of distance learning tools may cost your time. To save your time, I would like to recommend an outstanding distance learning software to you. ezTalks is a web-based video conferencing software, which can be used as a powerful E-learning software

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ezTalks:Top 5 Video Conferencing Programs

Video conferencing programs have been widely used for many industries such as business, government, education, healthcare, financial services, legal etc who use it for various purposes such as online meeting, online teaching, online training, online video presentation and online webinar.

It is not very easy to get a proper video conferencing for you as there are too many video conferencing programs. However, don’t worry, we will show you some commonly used video conferencing tools, some of them are for commercial use, some for personal use, some are free and some are paid.

1. Skype

Skype is not only well known, it is trusted by millions of people around the world. While its most popular use is in the home, Skype has a business offering that is cheap and reliable. First of all, there is a group video call feature, which will work as long as all of those in the call have the latest Skype for Business version. However, only the host needs to sign up for the group video service. Skype also allows for conference calling and screen and file sharing, so it can also be an effective online collaboration tool. Skype group video starts at $8.99 per month.

video conferencing software

disadvantage of telecommuting
online whiteboard free
video conferencing server
2. ooVoo

ooVoo allows for six people to video conference at a time, in high quality. But best of all, it also has the ability to record video conferences, storing up to 1,000 minutes of those online – this makes it easy to share the recording with your colleagues after the video conference has taken place. Users can also record and send video messages to other ooVoo subscribers. The one downside is that it is pricier than its alternatives, as it costs $39.95 per month for only one seat.

software of video conferencing

whiteboard online free
advantages of mobile learning education
3. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a professional cloud-based video conferencing software that allows unlimited people to video conferencing at a time in high quality (up to 1080P HD). It offers full featured functions such as whiteboard, file sharing, screen sharing, remote control, polling, conference recording. The program can be used on not only Windows computer but also mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphones and tablets and other Android phones and tables as well. ezTalks Cloud Meeting starts at $19 a month for 8 users.

video conferencing programs

4. Google Hangout

Hangouts beats Skype based on what it offers for free, such as the ability to have up to nine people in your video chat. Extra server-side apps can augment your conversation, such as tools for sharing presentations and YouTube videos, or even full remote desktop takeover controls. And the Hangouts On Air feature makes you a live video podcaster, instantly recording your video conversations to share with others via Google+ and YouTube.

video conferencing program

5. CamFrog

CamFrog lets you set up Web-based video chatrooms where you or others with a webcam can join a conversation. One-on-one conversations are also an option and you only need a webcam to be seen, not to see others. Plus it’ll do voice and text if you don’t want others to see you.

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ezTalks: Predication for Unified Communication in 2017

What’s the trend of unified communication in 2014? Last year, we saw dozens of announcements on cloud-based video, and we think that while the video conferencing and collaboration market will continue to grow in 2014, so it is probably time for some consolidation here.

In the meantime, we think that cloud-based video conferencing services will fight hard to differentiate themselves, and we expect to see notable marketing activity around cloud-based video services.

With unpredictable economic conditions looming across geographies, organizations across all major sectors are looking at ways to bring down expenses while ensuring improved productivity, efficiency and effectiveness at the same time.

disadvantage of telecommuting
online whiteboard free
Unified communications (UC) is the unification of multiple communication applications such as instant messaging, email, audio and video conferencing and IP telephony, among others.

advantages of file sharing
always on video conferencing
online job interview questions and answers
Unified communications enables quicker execution and delivery of business processes which in turn aids in informed decisions being made, coupled with enhanced collaboration across organizations.

Apart from the benefits associated with unified communications, availability of high speed broadband connectivity is another factor driving this market.

e-learning market

As enterprises are increasingly investing in UC based solutions, technological vendors are finding new markets for UC products. The growing need of sharing information among organizations is driving the UC market globally. Video, audio conferencing and web conferencing services are driving the UC market due to their ability to closely connect geographically dispersed enterprises.

The global market for unified communications as-a-service is expected to grow from $2.52 billion in 2013 to $7.62 billion by 2018, at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 24.8%.

A recent study conducted by MarketsandMarkets shows that UCaaS will be one of the key enabling factors that will drive the market for unified communications. The emergence of video technology and collaboration solutions has been driving the market, although telephony will be the most used technology in coming years.

Another important factor in the market is collaboration application, with revenue for that segment expected to grow from $540.74 million in 2013 to $1.75 billion by 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 26.5%.

UCaaS is a rapidly growing market that is generating a lot of interest among enterprises. As Gartner Research principal analyst Elia San Miguel noted, carriers are looking to add communication as a service and unified communications to their portfolios to enhance their presence in the corporate market.

We saw a wave of session border controller (SBC) and application server upgrades in 2013, and we expect the next steps in 2014 will be improved interoperability between competing solutions. This will be especially critical for enterprise-to-enterprise network designs that support inter-company UC ecosystems.

The demand for mobile devices to support unified and communication will continue to grow, and we will see some evolutionary advances. For example, we will see HD voice supported on mobile devices; however, interoperability with landline-based VoIP and even on competing mobile-to-mobile services will be rocky until further work is done in interoperability. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will also face interoperability issues with existing UC platforms, requiring a gateway to translate between public and private voice systems.

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ezTalks: 3 Different Types of Video Conferencing for Business

As more and more people in business experienced the benefits of video conferencing and its technology has evolved, video conferencing has become much more mainstream. There are quite a few diverse video conferencing types in the market. It is necessary to learn different types of video conferencing before selecting a right video conferencing system for your business. Here we’ll list three common types of video conferencing systems for you.

advantages of file sharing
always on video conferencing
online job interview questions and answers

1. Telepresence Video Conferencing System

One of common tele video conferencing systems is telepresence videoconferencing. According to the explanation from Wikipedia, telepresence refers to a series of technologies which allow one to feel as if they were present, or to give the appearance of being present at a physically remote location. A popular application is found in telepresence videoconferencing.

telepresence video conferencing

By making use of the telephone and network connections, telepresence is used to simulate a live video conference among people in different places around the world. Large monitors or television screens are placed over conference table or mounted along the wall, and cameras are positioned at eye level. Therefore, it seems as if all the participants were sitting in the same conference room and around the same table. Some even use holographic and 3D images to make the meeting as realistic as possible. Telepresence is an expensive video conferencing but provides you with a high-quality video conference and immersive experience.

disadvantage of telecommuting
online whiteboard free

2. Room-based Video Conferencing System

Another common video conferencing system would be room-based video conferencing. It is a kind of software-based conference room video conferencing. It consists of video conferencing endpoints, MCU (multiple control unit) and Internet connection. Before the conference, you need to equip your meeting room perfectly according to the space of the room and the number of participants. After fully deployed your meeting room with video conferencing equipment, you can easily have a virtual video meeting with your colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers anytime anywhere. The powerful room-based video conferencing system will let you host high quality calls in an effortless manner.

room-based video conferencing

3. Desktop Video Conferencing System

Desktop video conferencing has become popular, simply owing to its ease of use. Just by downloading and installing a video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud, you can quickly host an online conference on your desktop computer. Before the meeting, make sure you have a reliable network bandwidth and your computer is well equipped with a webcam, a microphone and a loudspeaker.

desktop video conferencing

Apart from desktop computer, you can also start or join a video conference on your laptop, smartphone, iPad and other mobile devices. It will be much simpler and more convenient, because all these devices have built-in cameras, microphones and speakers. Also, you can have a video call with others no matter where you are. Desktop video conferencing is regarded as the most affordable one in comparison to the other two video conferencing systems.

The above are just three common types of video conferencing technology for business and actually it must be far more beyond these. Each video conferencing has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you can also select a hybrid one, such as an overlap between telepresence and room-based video conferencing. No matter which one you choose, it will be the best video conferencing as long as it meets all your business requirements.

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ezTalks - What is Interactive Whiteboard

ezTalks - What is Interactive Whiteboard

Released in 1991, the whiteboard has been a tool used worldwide. And now it is already a must-have tool in every school and undoubtedly one of the most important assets for developing fundamental skills for any student. But, what actually is an interactive whiteboard?

interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is a tool that combines a dry erase whiteboard with an LCD projector (usually mounted on a floor stand or the wall). The whiteboard in this case is actually a computer screen viewable by the whole classroom and powered by the projector, with a clear picture on the whiteboard and controlled by using the teacher’s finger as a mouse.

Whether it's an engaging lesson or a video tutorial to be learned, the activities that can be shown on an interactive whiteboard are endless. With a simple touch on the screen, the image size and placement can be adapted. The main focus is obviously a clear view on the panel by the students and effective learning with a modern asset of the 21st century.

advantage of telecommuting
difference between teleconference and video conference
advantage and disadvantage of telecommuting
telecommuting disadvantages
difference between teleconferencing and video conferencing
online interview questions and answers

Today, interactive whiteboards are playing an indispensable role in most schools. There’re statistics showing that more than 70% of both primary and secondary schools have interactive whiteboard and students learn better when being presented with digitalized image content. Namely, they bring increased students engagements, better attendance on classes and higher grades on tests. Hence, many schools are working on interactive whiteboard and endeavoring to maximize its benefits.

As a powerful multisensory learning asset, interactive whiteboard is perfect for any class ranging from math problem solving to geography and a virtual tour on our planet via Google Earth. And the built-in features of interactive whiteboard like making annotations, highlighting text, saving edited documents for printing or sharing, etc. also enable it being applied to various industries, which include news broadcasting, business and more. You can visit Whiteboard for more details.

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ezTalks - Free Online Whiteboard Tools

ezTalks - Free Online Whiteboard Tools

With the development of technology, interactive whiteboards have been digitalized as most other tools we use and brought to life as virtual platforms with numerous advantages. However, it’s never an easy thing for whiteboard new users to find a reliable whiteboard tool with powerful features considering there’re so many available online for your selection. To help you out, I’d compare 5 popular ones below.


This tool has evolved a lot from its predecessor and added a variety of new tools in its latest version, which include drawing, editing, chatting, voice communicating and social media integration with saved image for downloading.


Although Scribblar offers both free and paid version, the free one often lags with its features and doesn’t guide you how it works. It also supports saving and sharing files


The most striking feature of this tool is its user-friendly interface. The “Replay” function allows you to quickly replay everything done to create a drawing or an integrated set of stamps which are iconic representation of figures.


Impressive as ImaginationCubed is, it’s said that the developers took it down offline in 2011. In addition, although it enables you to create interactive whiteboard for effective information presentation, it doesn’t have all required revolutionary tools.


The only con of is the lack of interaction between the students within the interactive whiteboard. The rest functions are as competitive as other online whiteboard tools’ that can run smoothly online. However, a platform without proper interaction is doomed to not being able to gain wide popularity.
advantage of telecommuting
difference between teleconference and video conference
advantage and disadvantage of telecommuting
telecommuting disadvantages
difference between teleconferencing and video conferencing
online interview questions and answers



Dabbleboard would ask you to choose a suitable paid plan in the first place ranging from $8 a month to $200 per month for 100 users. The online whiteboard application is also impressive and supports video and library functions, which allows you to save drawing and guarantees interaction between students.



The last but definitely not the least is ezTalks, a relatively new platform that steps ahead of its competitors. It is so comprehensive that not only supports freely screen sharing smoothly and effectively but comes with toll-free VoIP for every user as well. What’s more, the built-in whiteboard of EZTalks even functions the same as the whiteboard could be nowadays, supporting basically everything from annotations and ideas to sketches and drawings.


In the end, we can definitely say that EZTalks is the most solid and effective tool on the marketplace. The mobile aspect simply makes this online interactive whiteboard platform up-to-date with everything happening. Ideal for meetings, trainings, webinars and workshops, EZTalks has revolutionized the way we use interactive whiteboards from the school aspect and made it surprisingly better online!


Note: Please go to ezTalks Download Center to find the right version for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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ezTalks - What is Telecare

ezTalks - What is Telecare

  • As technology advances, so does normal practices. Telecare is just a revolution of how doctors taking care of their patients in modern society. You might be wondering "what is telecare”, well, it is basically an exchange of data remotely between a doctor and a patient, especially for those who suffer from long-term health conditions.what is telecare

    Telecare requires special equipments installed in a patient's residence which not only monitors the patient’s vitals but relays relevant information to a doctor. Once the vitals are outside the “normal”, the doctor would instantly and remotely conduct corresponding measures.
    difference between teleconferencing and videoconferencing
    online interview questions
    disadvantages of telecommuting
    advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting
    advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning

    The benefits of telecare are undeniable. The quick response from doctors ensures that the patient never gets to critical conditions. It also reduces the visits to the hospital, so do the mortality rates. To conclude, patients and family members can enjoy priceless peace of mind since they know that there’s always a doctor somewhere monitoring their well-being.

    A core part of telecare is video conferencing, which enables real-time communications between doctors and teachers in HD. Hence, to fully enjoy the benefits of telecare, you need video conferencing solutions that come in the form of software installed either on a computer or a smartphone. EZTalks is highly recommended here—being fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices and extremely easy-to-use interface, it’s known as the world’s leading video conferencing software.

    So what’re you waiting for? Start enjoying healthcare for your loved ones the 21 century way and get a telecare package with the world’s best video conferencing solutions bundled to enjoy ultimate peace of mind right now!

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ezTalks - How to Record Online Meeting?

ezTalks - How to Record Online Meeting?

Occasionally, we still miss online meeting due to unexpected reasons although we can simply join online meeting from Mac/PC/iPad/iPhone/Android smartphone. Hence, live meeting recording is particularly important to those absentees. Read on to learn how to use ezTalks Cloud Meeting to record online meeting.

To begin with, download ezTalks Cloud Meeting software on your Windows computer and install it. Then, run it. Then, enter your email address and password to sign in your ezTalks account. click “Start Meeting” to navigate to the interface of virtual meeting room. The circled area in the bottom left corner controls all settings to record live meeting.

online meeting

Note: ezTalks Cloud Meeting solution supports hosting online meetings from Windows computer, Mac, Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad. If your're not a Windows user, please click Download Center to download your desired version. Here, we talk about how to record an online meeting with ezTalks Cloud meeting on a Windows computer.

Click "Start Meeting" to start live meeting and invite your collegues and customers to attend the meeting.

online meeting recorder

Click the red circle dot to start recoding online meeting. Click "Pause" whenever you want to pause recording and click "Resume" to continue to record online meeting.

When you wanna to stop recording online meetings, just click "Stop". To record online meeting for the second time, just click the red circle dot again.

recording live meeting

When you finish the video conference, web meeting recording also ends. And ezTalks Cloud Meeting will save the recorded meeting to D:\Program Files (x86)\ezTalks\ezTalksDesktop\Record in both video and audio automatically.

Video Conferencing Equipment

If you want to change the save path or record the meeting in audio only, you can click ••• in the lower right corner. In its drop-down window, click "Meeting Settings" to set recording options.

online meeting record solution

When the meeting settings window comes out, click "Recording" in the left column. Choose your desired recording type or click "Browse" to set a new save path.

how to record online meeting with audio

In addition, ezTalks also supports recording instant messages sent/received during online meeting. But it only shows chat numbers by default. To record detailed messages, check the box before "Auto save chat messages".

record instant messages

Note: ezTalks saves chat history to D:\Program Files (x86)\ezTalks\ezTalksDesktop\Chat in .txt format by default and you can also click "Change" to change the save path.


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ezTalks - How to Join Online Meetings?

ezTalks - How to Join Online Meetings?

Free Video conferencing has changed the way we used to hold a meeting and expanded traditional meetings from conference room to office desktops, home laptops and mobile devices. Namely, EZTalks empowers us to join an online meeting anytime from ANY place!
Generally, you’ll receive an email from EZTalks team with the information of meeting number. Copy that number and follow the 2 ways below to freely join online meeting with EZTalks.
email invitation
Way 1: Join EZTalks Online Meeting without Login
① Launch EZTalks and click the “Join a meeting” button on the top right corner to switch Login interface to Join.
login eztalks
② Then you’ll get the Join interface as below. Enter the meeting number and type your name (It would display during the meeting).
③ Click “Join” and you can freely join online meeting
Way 2: Attend EZTalks Meeting Online after Login
① Launch EZTalks and login with your account, then click “Join Meeting” on the main interface.
② Then you’ll get another Join interface with your name (The name you used to sign up for EZTalks) on it. Enter the meeting number.
attend online meeting
③ Click “Join” and you’ll successfully attend EZTalks online meeting within seconds.
Extremely easy, isn’t it? And if you want to join online meeting from iPad, iPhone or Android phones, you can get an equivalent iOS/Android version of EZTalks from download center.
Note: Don’t worry that you may fail to join online meeting with no EZTalks at hand, one click on the “Join” button of the email invitation would guide you to quickly and rightly install EZTalks. 

From :

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Winter Storm? Just Let More Employees to Start Telecommuting

A huge blizzard swept across the East Coast of the United States, and it has now become the heaviest snowstorm on record in Binghamton, surpassing Winter Storm Argos in November. Over 42 inches of snow and strong winds have delayed employees’ commute, and New York mayor has urged residents to reduce unnecessary travel during Winter Storm Stella. Companies have to stop work? No! Just let your employees work at home and start telecommuting with effective video conferencing toolslike ezTalks. As an entrepreneur, you can also benefit a lot from it.

start telecommuting by using video conferencing tool during winter storm stella

In the first place, it is a good chance to show your kindness to your staff.

Telecommuting makes employees get satisfied, as they can work in their own cozy space and no need to go out to office in such a terrible weather. Besides, they have more flexibility to schedule working hours and deal with workflows. The happier employees become, the less likely they might quit the job. In the long run, telecommuting adds up more savings for employers in recruitment.

Next, telecommuting can help entrepreneurs avoid downtime.

When bad weather like heavy snowstorm appears, telecommuting can help entrepreneurs avoid downtime and keep your business running. By providing right video conferencing tools like ezTalks, your staff can easily stay connected with other colleagues, customers or suppliers. More importantly, if you have a collaborate conversion, you can try ezTalks 100-participant Meeting Free Plan to host a virtual HD online meeting with others, regardless of time and location.

Furthermore, at-home workers can also stay productive and efficient.

Advantages of telecommuting for employees are obvious. A recent study revealed that, compared with the employees who came into the office, the telecommuters were not only happier and less likely to quit but also more productive. The study found that employees working at home completed 13.5% more calls than people in the office did, which meant that the former got almost an extra workday a week out of them. Telecommuting makes employees feel more relaxed and become more productive and efficient after escaping from the discipline of office environment.

Time changes and so does how people work. According to studies, 80% of employees would like to choose a more flexible working scheme like telecommuting. Telecommuting is the future of work, and entrepreneurs can also get a lot of benefits from it. Therefore, just give more trust in employees and let more employees to work from home, so as to create a win-win situation.


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How is Video Conferencing Changing Education? - ezTalks

How is Video Conferencing Changing Education? - ezTalks

Ever since the internet took off during the 1990’s, access to information and ease of communication have both improved exponentially. Some sectors such as media have embraced the internet and all it has to offer, while education also welcomed it with open arms.

Education today is rapidly evolving and changing in order to keep pace with technological advancements and emerging teaching practices. By utilizing tools like video conferencing, educators are able to shrink geographical barriers and expand interaction potential by connecting students to other educators, students or experts regardless of location.

Video conferencing can be used in different ways to improve students’ experiences inside the education system. With the help of technology, students and teachers can solve common problems that hinder learning and create a more conducive environment. Below are 5 ways video conferencing can enhance learning:

1. Learning becomes a collaborative effort

Traditionally, students have been limited to the classroom and any resources they might have. However, with video conferencing, these resources are greatly expanded. With video collaboration technology, experts and other educators outside of the classroom can connect virtually to students and share expertise and experience regardless of location. This type of distance learning allows students to participate in new cultural and learning experiences that they may not have encountered in a traditional classroom.

2. Virtual field trips make learning more fun

Video conferencing improves the experience students get during field trips while eliminating the inconveniences, like long hours of travel, expensive costs, and problems with logistics. Teachers also don’t have to worry students wandering away from the group. This also makes it possible for students to explore places that are hundreds of miles away. Virtual field trips can offer a far more educational and enjoyable experience.

3. Connect with other schools

Another great use of video collaboration in schools is virtually connecting schools together. Bringing students together from different locations to interact with each other allows students to gain insights and another perspective from their peers, regardless of where the other school is located.

It can help teach students how to collaborate and work together with people who may be different than them and teaches students a new kind of interaction that can help to enhance their interpersonal communication skills. Use of video conferencing to connect students can expose them to different types of classroom topics, challenges, and insights that they wouldn’t normally experience.

4.Polling resources

One of the best possible uses for video conferencing in education is for jointly-run lessons between different schools. For subjects like history, it could be used for joint projects such as fact-finding and archaeological digs. It could also be useful for pooling resources, which at a time when some schools are under pressure to cut costs, could be invaluable.

5. Personalized learning

With video conferencing, teachers can have more one-on-one interactions with students and adjust lessons plans accordingly to the needs of either an individual student or an entire classroom. It also allows teachers to interact with students outside of the classroom.

If a student in unable to attend school due to some sort of medical emergency or any other kind of issue, a teacher can use video conferencing technology to keep a student up to date on classroom activity and assignments so the student does not fall behind. Not only does this benefit the student, but it also keeps the teacher connected to the class and each individual student


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Telehealth vs. Telemedicine vs. Telecare

Nowadays, there are several new medical terms that an average patient may not understand. For example, there is common misunderstanding of the terms telecare, telemedicine and telehealth. Most people use them interchangeably. However, each of these words refers to a different method of providing health care through video conferencing technology. To clear up the confusion, let's take a look at telehealth, telemedicine and telecare in the following 3 parts.

Part 1: Telehealth

Telehealth, also known as e-health, m-health, is a general word referring to the delivery of health care services, health information services and health care education through telecommunications technologies. Telecare and telemedicine are encompassed within the wider scope of telehealth. Telehealth entails preventive, curative, and promotive aspects. It supports remote monitoring of a patient blood pressure, blood sugar level and electrocardiography (ECG), health education services as well as remote consultations (i.e. telemedicine). Through modern telehealth technology, doctors are able to examine, diagnose, recommend treatment and monitor a patient's medical condition remotely.


The major benefits that telehealth provides patients are list below.

1.They don’t need to travel a long way to see a doctor.

2.They feel safer because there is always a professional doctor monitoring their fluctuating health conditions.

3.They may visit a hospital for checkup less often.

4.They would learn more about their conditions as well as how to manage them.

Part 2: Telemedicine

Telemedicine refers specifically to the delivery of clinical health care services to patients via the use of telecommunication technology. Examples of telemedicine include video conferencing with doctors, digital transmission of medical imaging and remote medical examination or diagnoses. The scope of telemedicine is much narrower than that of telehealth.


The early forms of telemedicine were achieved through radio and telephone, now they’ve been replaced by advanced diagnostic system supported by distributed client-server applications and video conferencing software. Generally, telemedicine can be divided to asynchronous telemedicine, remote monitoring and interactive services.

1.Asynchronous telemedicine means convey medical data such as bio-signals and medical images to a doctor at a convenient time for assessment, which does not need the presence of both parties. What distinguishes it from in-person doctor-patient consultation is the omission of an actual physical examination.

2.Remote monitoring allows a doctor to monitor patients remotely using technological devices. This technique is mainly used for managing chronic diseases and conditions, such as asthma, heart disease and diabetes. It is extremely cost effective.Remote Medical


3.Interactive services offer real-time interactions between a patient and a doctor by means of online communication, phone conversations, home visits, etc. They’re usually applied to physical examination, history review, ophthalmology assessments and psychiatric evaluations.

Part 3: Telecare

Telecare is mainly used to monitor people to get real-time emergency support via mobile phone, computer and other telecommunication technology, which helps to manage a wide range of issues and risks associated with a person living alone. It also offers families additional help with caring responsibilities.


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Benefits of Webinars in Online Education

Benefits of Webinars in Online Education

With Internet technology, it is possible to get connected with people everywhere across the globe at any time we want. A web based seminar or webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or a seminar conducted over the internet using video conferencing software. During which the host uses conferencing equipments and multimedia to connect to viewers or listeners interactively, including voice communications, live or prerecorded videos, online presentations, product demonstrations, text chats and more.

education webinars

Considering the difficulty to accommodate all students who want to take online classes, many institutions begin to search for professional webinar software that helps them to conduct classes online as webinar has many advantages over physical face-to-face instruction mode of learning when it comes to teaching and learning. Basically, webinars for online education have following 6 significant benefits.

◆ Flexibility. Webinars enable students to access learning material anywhere at any time, which is exciting news for those who do not have time or are far away access learning material.

◆ More fields for selection. Students learning through webinars are able to choose even those degree programs that they couldn't otherwise take due to distance limitations. It is now possible for students to complete degree programs offered in a different continent on the globe.

◆ Learning timetable availability. The learning timetables of classes offered on-campus are usually rigid and do not offer much flexibility to students. Webinars have made it possible for students to pause between classes and start off again at a time of their own choosing.

◆ Cost effective. Students who use webinars for education find it cheaper since traveling costs and other expenses that demanded by on-campus learning are excluded. Books that traditional classes require might not be necessary in the case where students use webinars.

virtual classroom online

◆ Interactivity. Teachers are more approachable online and students are more comfortable communicating with teachers through chats and newsgroup discussions as opposed to face-to-face interactions. This is because webinars put all attendees in an equal position to contribute in the virtual class.

◆ Better understanding of content. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Education, "on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction." The department of education found out that students who take online classes perform better that those who use face to face instruction way of learning

Then it is no surprise that webinars are getting more and more adopted worldwide as a new form of online education. But which is the best free webinar software for online education? Cisco WebEx, GotoWebinar, EZTalks or Skype? Honestly speaking, ezTalks is the most cost-effective and comprehensive one by equipped itself with powerful features like live recording for playback, screening sharing, whiteboard and remote control. Sign up free and start your mini webinar for online education right away!

Note: In today’s job market, webinars also help employees to be more competitive by getting educated over the internet without having to take leave. You can check How Business Benefits from Webinars to learn more.


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Would you Like To Make a Good Telecommuter

Would you Like To Make a Good Telecommuter

Most people dream of working from home in their current job and making a lot of money from great telecommuting jobs. While telecommuting is not cut out for everyone, there are some certain traits that make qualified telecommuters. In the following, I’d like to list 5 crucial traits that contribute to good telecommuters. Read on to decide if you’re suitable for working online from home.

Trait 1: You can cut out all distractions.

If you have intense focus and can block out internal and external distractions, that would be great since your ability to ignore the mailman, guests, children, chores and other daily activities helps you remain productive while telecommuting. If you can’t immerse yourself in work, don’t worry, here’re 3 tips for you to cut out distractions.

◆ Setting boundaries with your friends and family.

◆ Make your office time off limits, just as you would if you were at the office.

◆ Keep your office phone line dedicated just for your job and ignore all of non important calls from your personal phone.

Trait 2: You have right equipments to telecommute effectively.

Telecommuting takes an up-to-date computer with all software required by your job installed, decent internet connection and a stable system to communicate with your employer. To get prepared with the first 2 equipments, it’s always a piece of cake. However, it’s never an easy thing to pick up a reliable video conferencing tool since there’re so many available online. To save your time, I’d directly recommend EZTalks based on my own experience. It’s so powerful and user-friendly that enables you to freely discuss with your supervisors online.

Note: To freely discuss your job with your supervisor or colleague (up to 3 people) online, you can sign up for EZTalks account at the bottom.

Trait 3: You can keep contact with office all the time.

A great telecommuter is always good at communicating via emails, phone call, video conferencing and other various forms. Though you work from home online, you still need to keep track of what’s happening in your departments or other colleagues’ work process. In that case, video conferencing provided with ezTalks, as I mentioned above, is undoubtedly the most effective way to keep close touch with your team. Compared with other traditional communicating methods, EZTalks stands out due to its ability to offer vivid face-to-face communication for any Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android users!

Note: To download the right version for your devices, please visit ezTalks download center.

Trait 4: You can create your own structured environment.

In most cases, those self-starters who can create their own structures or keep on a schedule on their own are the most productive telecommuters. If you’re not able to set your own boundaries, how could you keep up with workload and demands?

Trait 5: Your boss is on board with telecommuting.

Surely, you can never start telecommuting successfully if your boss is negative to this working mode. Therefore, make sure to convince your boss that he is still in full control of your goals, project statuses and any other important information pertaining to your field and EZTalks guarantees your smooth communication with colleagues without causing them any inconveniences.

To conclude, successful telecommuting involves team work and great communicating skills with your team and the key to that is having the right home office equipment and programs to complete your job and communicate with your co-workers effectively. Do you have above necessary traits for telecommuting? If yes, congratulations! You can work from home now, no long drive times, no more traffic jams, no dress clothes and less stress!

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