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How to choose virtual classroom software

Session offers you a global and unique offering for the success of your training projects, national or international, in Virtual class, whose goals are: the increase in Competence of your trainers, the adaptation of the content, the choice of virtual classroom softwareSoftware best virtual classroom., Live Session intervenes two support organizations from educational design to the deployment of your online class tools . We have developed a specific support methodology that facilitates the conduct of these projects. Of course you are a freelance trainer, university manager, company manager, offers manager, training organization, training manager, occasional trainer ... Live Session will offer you the solution adapted to the scope and specificities of your project with or without commitment. Een reeks van oplossingen aangepast aan uw project:

Live Session offers a global and unique offering for the implementation of a new training modality by offering all services for the success of your project:

Virtual Classroom Design and Deployment Consulting

virtual classroom solutions & rapid learning, audio conferencing solution and related equipment

Educational engineering thought and designed for the virtual classroom

Training of the facilitators and the administration / logistics teamadministration / logistics

User support & support: trainers and trainees

Administratief beheer, vanaf het verzenden van de convocaties tot de certificaten van aanwezigheid. Nowadays, a training cycle is carried out with a multimodal approach, that is to say that it is composed of different training modalities to reach the set educational goals. In deze context zal de virtuele klasruimte de directe relatie tussen trainers en trainees houden terwijl de voordelen van afstandsonderwijs worden gebruikt.sayat det er sammensatt af forskellige uddannelsesmodaliteter for at nå de set uddannelsesmål. In deze context zal de virtuele klasruimte de directe relatie tussen trainers en trainees houden terwijl de voordelen van afstandsonderwijs worden gebruikt.



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How to learn Draw for Children

When the child is 3 years old, he can learn to use safety scissors and glue sticks to create more complex images by cutting and scraping stickers. Parents may wish to provide him with some papers with different hardness and hardness, different thicknesses, and even some cloths, plasticine, etc., to make happy cuttings, so that he can experience the different feelings when scissors cut back and forth. This is for the children's hands, eyes and brains. The best training. You can let children create and add more familiar people or things, such as imagining the fan as an adult face, affixing it to facial features, or designing some storylines for children's favorite dinosaurs and cars.

Encourage children to diverge and imagine the same element. It is also a circle that can be labeled as Mickey Mouse's ear, the plate on the table, the sun in the sky; if it is also a paper tube, plus a bottom is a cup, plus The previous handle, the horn, plus a paper tube, is the telescope. The premise for children to create this kind of freedom comes from the observation and experience of a rich life.

When reminding children to restore what they saw and imagined in their brains to the establishment of their works, they must use a sense of direction, space, and logic. If the composition of the work is disordered and the content lacks order, it means that his ability in this area is still weak. Repeat training; if the child can't quietly complete the work, it may be because he lacks self-confidence. It may be improved by repeated practice.

Allowing children to learn how to make clip art can not only exercise his picture, imagination, creativity, and aesthetic ability, but also exercise the dexterity of the fingers, the coordination of movements, and the function of the brain system.

There are some clipart below you can see:


literacy clipart. iron man clipart. thinking man clipart. old people clipart. man and woman clipart. strong man clipart. angry man clipart. black man clipart. man face clipart. people talking clipart. working man clipart. wise men clipart. business people clipart. person clipart black and white.

image from clipartport

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Polling during a meeting on ezTalks iPhone app

ezTalks has been sustaining the improvement of quality and features of the video conferencing software. Polling during a meeting, which is an amzing feature has been released on the ezTalks iPhone app. This feature is available on ezTalks Android and iPhone apps, and will be coming soon on Windows and Mac apps.

Part 1 Why polling is important during a video conference?

Video conference requires more interactive communication to make sure all the participants are concentrated on the topic. Polling is an important way of interaction during a group video conference. The host can get a quick collection of opinions on a subject by launching a poll. And it gives the participants a chance to speak for themselves instead of letting one person speak on behalf of all.

Part 2 How to launch a poll on ezTalks iPhone app?

ezTalks iPhone app allows you to launch polls during the meeting. The steps are quite simple:

  1. Launch a poll during the meeting

  2. Make your topic/question with single or multiple options

  3. Send the poll to the participants

  4. Check the polling results

You can make more than one poll during a meeting for different topics/questions as below:

Read this article to get the detailed steps of how to launch a poll on ezTalks iPhone app.

Download the app now:

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A Huge Update of ezTalks for Mac Version 3.3.3

ezTalks has released a new version for Mac, which brings you tons of new features and bug fixes. With this new version, the ezTalks app for Mac has been at the same pace with the Windows app in respect of the features of video conferencing.

Highlights of the changes in this version:

1. The Meetings interface brings a clear section to show the upcoming meetings and history meetings.

From the upcoming list, you can see all the details of your scheduled meeting, including the invited attendees. Moreover, if you are invited by some other people, you can also find that meeting on the upcoming list.

From the history list, whether you have hosted the meeting or joined the meeting, you can check how many participants have successfully joined and their email addresses, as well as the chat messages. 

2. On the main interface, a new search bar is added which allows you to search your meetings and contacts in a fast way.

3. The recording feature allows you to record video and audio in MP4 format, and audio only in MP3 format.


4. The new version allows you to connect a second monitor to your Mac and show the video screen on theextended display.

5. Also, sharing an extended display is available on the new version.

Download the app for Mac and enjoy the new version now!

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Top 5 Best Free Conference Call Service For 2018

In this modern business environment, technologies make it easy and convenient for clients, colleagues and partners to get connected while they are distributed in different locations, which allows teams to communicate, collaborate and co-annotate without any limitation. No matter what the meeting room or company size, there is a growing trend toward conference call service to support remote work and productive collaboration. There are vast options for companies, enterprises and business entities to choose for conference call service and communications in the market. With various options available and a lot at stake, it can be a difficult task to choose the suitable platform and device that works best for your organization.

We have used tons of apps, with both free conference calls or paid version, and have listed the below top 5 best free conference call service for our audience in the below session.

1. Skype

The most frequently used and largest app for free conference call in both daily communication and business occasions. It allows you to make free conference calls with features that quick to access, easy to join and free to use. It is the most popular app for free conference call services and everyone knows its name. Besides, Skype also offers different calling plans to landlines and cell phones worldwide. One of the outstanding features is that now you can see up to 25 people to join your free conference calling and see each other clearly.

2. ezTalks Meetings

This is one of the best free conference call services platforms that should be highly recommended, which is called ezTalks Meetings. It allows users to call from different platforms including smart phones, tablets, desktops, macs and even telephone if the Internet is not available. The app enables you to get connected with your friends or teams for remote education, online training, tele-health, remote interview and more. The free plan offers users the opportunity to host a meeting with up to 100 participants with rich functions including free group video calls, audio calls, screen sharing, remote support, instant messaging, recording and more. If you are in a start-up company, this is the best choice because it is totally free in the Starter Plan. Or if you are looking for an app for your enterprise with a large number of employees, you can consider the professional plan for better user management and controls. In a word, it is totally worth of your trying.

3. Whats App

Whats App is another app that worth of recommendation for the best conference call service. It allows you to have texts, group chats, voice calls, video calls as well as document sharing with your friends, families, partners, clients and colleagues. The conference call service delivered from Whats App is free, simple, secure and reliable with more than 1 billion users in over 180 countries. Recently, WhatsApp has launched person-to-person payments into beta in India, the largest market for this app, and will activate this feature in the soon future.
According to its features and use cases, it can be concluded that it is mostly used for informal conference calls and more likely to be a social communication app. If you are looking for formal free conference calling, this may not be the best for your organization.

4. ClickMeeting

It is one of the business-oriented best conference call service with lots of professional features for business collaboration. And it is also one of the best platforms to conduct your webinar which also offers free online conference meeting calls for all its registered users. If your organization are trying to seek a professional platform for sales and marketing events, or e-learning courses, onboard & training or panel discussion, this platform is your best choice. ClickMeeting helps to engage the audience with your content and ensuring everyone in the conference is up to date.

5. Tokbox

Tokbox is easy to conduct free conference calling with 20-25 participants for per session. You do not even need to download the app to perform interactive video, audio and messaging with your team members to maximize their creativity. So for every device, whether you’re building for web, mobile or desktop, their platform is compatible. Tokbox also supports of branded or custom solution for any possible requirements if your company is requiring for the special and outstanding design.

If you are navigating through a vast array of choices in free conference call services which are available for your organization, the above mentioned 5 best free conference call service will be listed on your options.Try any of these and identify the best solution for you.

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What Is Staff Training?

In today's competitive environment everyone has to enhance his/her skills to compete with others. Most of the companies today either want to employ most qualified staff or train their existing staff to make them competent to face the competition, to remain ahead of their competitors. But a question arises what is staff training?

Staff training definition

You can define staff training as the training process of the training of the existing staff of a company that can be beneficial for both, productivity of the company and the growth of the staff. Staff training can be done due to various other reasons also like improvement of performance and overall professional development of the staff. In this way, staff training offers a number of benefits for both the employer as well as the employees.

Benefits of staff training

Make the economy operational: Trained staff can use the resources and equipment in more economic manner by reducing their wastage. It will also reduce the rate of damages and accidents to the equipment and machinery which will ultimately reduce per unit cost of production.

Improve productivity: The productivity and quality of the product can be improved in an organization by employing trained staff instead of untrained staff. The performance of the staff in any field can be I proved with proper training. The output of a business can experience qualitative as well as quantitative boost just by improving the skills of its staff through training program.

Regularity in processes: A staff training program can enable the employees to use standardized methods of working available to them at their workplace. It will also increase the level of their performance more than their expectations.

Lesser control: Well trained staff needs lesser supervision as they become more responsible for their duties. Though the need of supervision cannot be eliminated after training but the need of constant supervision can be reduced to a considerable level.

Systematic use of skills: After attending a formal training program staff members can easily reach the required level of performance without wasting time on observing other or learning things through trial and error methods.

Keeping record of skills: It can be difficult for a company to find out entirely new skills for any project. By providing training to its staff the company can have the record of their skills so that it can use them accordingly, whenever required. Moreover, it is beneficial for the company to select some of the employees from its existing staff and train them rather than employing new skilled employees.

Higher moral level: After getting formal training the level of moral of the employees also increase as now they can support the activities of the organization more efficiently and can be more loyal and cooperative to the organization. A formal training can also reduce the level of complaints, dissatisfaction and absence of the employees.

Introduction of online staff training

According to the definition of staff training, the training should be provided by the company in its premises. Though companies can improve their productivity by improving the skills of their staff but it is not possible in today's globalized economy where companies have their branches dispersed all over the world.

In such condition, many companies have started giving online training to their staff members to improve their potentials. They have started investing in online conferencing software tools or video conferencing tools like ezTalks Meetings etc. for this purpose. By using these software tools, the staff members need not go personally to the training center but join these training programs online. They can get training just by gathering at their local office and get connected with HD quality video conferencing tools to start taking training.

Though various video conferencing software tools are used by many companies these days for training their remotely placed staff but ezTalks Meetings is considered to be the most popular of them all. Main reason of its popularity can be its trendy interface and easy to use features. It can be used ideally for hosting conferences and seminars for the purpose of training remote staff. So, you can use this software anywhere and anytime to start training your staff. Information provided here under will allow you to know how to use ezTalks Meetings for training staff online.

Using ezTalks Meetings for online staff training

ezTalks Meetings offers the options of audio and video conferencing for interacting with the staff seamlessly. This online conferencing tool can be run on any device including Windows, Mac iOS and Android. It allows you to interact with up to 100 staff members for free in a single session. Along with it, this software solution also allows you to use its reminder option to schedule, reschedule and even cancel the online training sessions. It also allows you to use its recording feature to record the entire training session digitally so that it can be used for references in future.

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What Is the Purpose of a Team Meeting?

Working in a team is not always one of the easy things to do. Teams work on a common goal yet from different angles, objectives, and geographic locations. It is, therefore, important to have team meetings so that the team can have an overall view of the progress. Whether at work place, in business or at school, people working in a team should have time to have a conversation with each other as. The meetings are effective in speeding up results of the work to be done and enhancing efficiency. So, what is the purpose of a team meeting? There are various reasons as to why people hold a team meeting.

Purpose of a Team Meeting:

a,Provides a Safe Environment for Sharing

When working on a project, team members need to share information from all angles. Unfortunately, if the methods of sharing are limited to formal documentation such as reports and emails, vital information can be left out. Team meetings give members a safe environment to share information and findings even those that may not have credible prove. When sharing such information, the team opens up doors for more research, cooperation and productivity. The freedom that team members have when they share face to face cannot be ignored for any project.

b,Provides a Platform to Learn the Fears of Team Members

When working with a team, it is important to understand each other. One purpose of team meeting is to provide the ground to understand each other's fears, hopes, and ambitions. The team should share the same ambitions and should be able to solve their troubles unanimously. Without proper team meetings, some team members may be incapacitated on working on various issues. The meeting is a platform to iron out all issues pertaining the team objectives and members responsibilities. This is the best time for asking questions and clearing the air on various issues.

c,Gives Space for Receiving Feedback

Colleagues need to give feedback regularly, however, without a team meeting, the information given may not be holistic. Having a team meeting gives team members a breathing space to get their heads out of work. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to refocus and reflect on their progress. All members have a chance to deliver in-depth reports on their progress and receive reports from their colleagues too. Team meetings are a checkpoint to determine whether the team is on the right course or it has veered off. Members can also get to learn from their colleagues. This is another team meeting purpose.

d,Creates Bonds and Supportive Relationship

Team members can only work well when they have a supportive relationship. Team meetings offer the best opportunity to bond and feel free with each other. In these sessions, colleagues get to help each other and those who need help have a chance to seek for it. When members are stuck at a certain level, it is impossible to have progress without having an all-inclusive meeting. On matters that need research and wide traveling, expenses can be reduced by sourcing from colleagues' findings. When members meet they create an environment for support.

e,Provides an Opportunity for Open Forum

An open forum is important for any organization or team. The team members use this opportunity to air out their frustrations, grievances and give compliments. A good team leader uses this opportunity to listen to colleagues and find a way to enhance team cooperation. The matters discussed during open forums cannot be featured in official reports. It is also during these meetings that team members get opportunities to iron their leadership skills and decision-making skills. The team leaders learn how to manage colleagues and attend to rising issues.

How to Organize a Team Meeting:

Before any team sets to work, they need to have the preliminary meeting first. After the first meeting, the team should have other meetings based on the timeframe of their project or objectives. Organizing for a team meeting may be a difficult task especially when the team members are at different geographical locations. When all members live in a common region, organizing a meeting is as easy as setting a date, venue, and informing the team. However, if colleagues are limited by geographical distances, a remote conferencing software can be used.

The remote conferencing software can be used to have all the team members on board at a specified moment. Using the best remote conferencing tools, team members can enjoy live video chats with each other, live white board presentations and information sharing. ezTalks Meetings is one of the most popular and commonly used remote conferencing software. It offers the team members all the benefits of boardroom meetings regardless of their geographical locations.

The Bottom Line

Team meetings are important and an essential part of building a team and achieving the team's objectives. The meetings are an open opportunity to come together, reflect on progress and help each other. These meetings will help improve the general performance of the team and the productivity of individual members.

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The Main Characteristics of Successful Virtual Teams Discussed

The success of your organization lies in many factors, and technology plays a big role in making it happen. From creating a communicative and open business environment to improving employees' motivation through more efficient tracking of progress, integrating the right technology can benefit your business in many different ways.

Needless to say, to stay relevant in the highly competitive market, you need to fully understand the need to integrate technology into your business's overall growth. One of these benefits is helping your teams stay virtually connected within the organization, also known as virtual teams.

A virtual team, which is also known as a geographically dispersed team or a remote team, refers to a group of individuals who work together from disparate geographic locations, and solely rely on communication technology such as video or voice conferencing, email, of FAX to effectively collaborate.

Incorporating virtual teams within an organization can be beneficial for your organization in a number of ways. Encourage discussion and allow the team members to reach out to each other, which can help remove physical and hierarchical boundaries

Experts in various areas within your organization will be easily reachable to help resolve issues and offer advice where necessary. Now all successful virtual teams have various common characteristics. Let's discuss each one of them in detail.

Strong and Dedicated Team Leaders

Working effectively with a virtual team can be challenging considering most of the members have never had a physical interaction. This means that building a good relationship in terms of trust and good rapport amongst themselves can be a little bit difficult. Strong leadership is therefore essential to ensure virtual teams success.

Strong virtual team leaders can help to foster trust and good rapport by putting more focus on relationship building, demonstrate exemplary communication skills, and also develop emotional intelligence.

So in order have successful virtual teams in your organization, ensure that the leaders are strong and dedicated, and have a track record of producing positive results and that they have the ability to put their focus on the project.

Members Adopt a Culture of Openness that Facilitate Trust

Trust is the solid foundation of any successful relationship. Trust is even more essential when it comes to building successful virtual teams in an organization. Successful virtual teams work hard to create and maintain an environment of team trust which is highly effective in eliminating miscommunication.

The team members are able to build trust by demonstrating integrity in their actions, exceptional competence in their responsibilities, dependability by coming through on commitments, and care by working towards building good personal relationships with other members.

Team Members Engage in Meaningful Communication with Each Other

Successful virtual teams know and perfectly understand the importance of engaging in meaningful communication. They establish and maintain proper communications standards, working diligently on their tone of communication, regularly use simultaneous communication at critical moments to communicate with each other, and learn how to be more perceptive of the emotional content of the message being passed on. This way, miscommunications are subsequently eliminated.

Members have a Positive Work Attitude

When the virtual team members have a positive work attitude, the success of an organization is guaranteed. This is because the members have the willingness to make a change and work together in a bid to quickly find solutions when problems arise. They are able to solve problems by looking at the bigger picture.

Team Has a Powerful Conflict Management Mechanism

Conflicts among team members arise all the time and solving them can be a challenge especially because members do not know and understand each other very well, and partly because of miscommunications.

A successful virtual team has a powerful conflict management mechanism in which the leader ensures all issues are resolved amicably. This way, time-consuming and unnecessary confrontations are avoided.

Team has Executive Support

When the organization's executives support the development of good social relationships among virtual team members and demonstrate collaboration, the team becomes even more empowered. The team is motivated to work collaboratively in a bid to reach the set objectives.

Properly-Organized Teams

All high-performing virtual teams have well-structured teams. This is a team comprising of people who are self-motivated, self-reliant, independent thinkers, and those who are able to work effectively in interdependent work relationships. Only select individuals who you feel have the potential to help your organization move forward.

Members Focus on Achieving Set Goals

Team members in a virtual environment understand that they have a common goal- and that is achieving the mission. Each member therefore dedicates his time, efforts, and resources while collaborating with other members to ensure that the set goals are fully accomplished.

Fast Relaying of Information By Use of Various Forms of Technology

Successful virtual teams integrate technology to enable fast, reliable, and smooth flow of information from one area to another. This includes the use of emails to send and receive information, telephone calls, and video conferencing which allows for impactful video collaboration among team members.

Video conferencing plays a major role in the success of virtual teams. ezTalks Meetings provides incredible video collaboration features which allow members to interact with each other effectively across diverse geographical areas. ezTalks Meetings is a must-have web and video conferencing solution for innovative and reliable video communication in your organization.


All high-performing virtual teams understand the importance of being attentive during their verbal or visual interactions since there is no physical interaction. This encourages effective communication while preventing miscommunication. Virtual team leaders should be more diligent about encouraging participation.


Virtual teams are becoming increasingly popular due to the great value they provide to organizations. If you have virtual teams in your organization, you need to understand that they too have unique needs that need to be effectively addressed to ensure they reach their maximum potential. Ensure that these features are properly incorporated to ensure the success of your organization's virtual teams.

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5 Best Internet Communication Tools

Communication is important, it is necessary, and it forms a daily part of our lives. We communicate with our friends when we meet them in our classes face-to-face or through phones, and we communicate with our colleagues when we are in office. But what when the person we want to get connected with is not present with us, is a phone call the only way to communicate then? Of course not, we also can make use of the internet communication tools to stay connected. Let us now get to learn about 5 such internet tools for communicationthat are very popularly used everywhere.

5 Best Internet Communication Tools You Must Know

  1. Instant Messaging

IM or instant messaging is one of the most popular types of internet communication. Using an IM service you can create a type of private chat room with anyone you wish to, to communicate over the internet in real time. Usually, an IM system will let you know if your colleague or friend, who is in your contact list, is online, and then you can start a chat session. IM is used by many people worldwide to stay in touch with friends and family, and it is also popularly used in the business world. If a company chooses to use it, they can enjoy instant access to coworkers and managers present in different offices, and need not place phone calls, particularly when they need to get in touch immediately.

  1. Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing basically is a conference between two or more people present in different locations. Every participant uses a videoconferencing tool like ezTalks meetings, has speakers, microphones, and a video camera connected to their computers. When the participants speak to one another their voice is carried over the network and the others get to hear it through their speakers, and whatever image is present in front of the video camera is what others get to see on their computer screen. As already mentioned, a videoconferencing tool is used here, and the same tool needs to be used by every participant. Most people prefer using ezTalks owing to the great clarity and seamless experience it offers, and if that is what you too want to enjoy, then you know what to opt for,

  1. Internet Relay Chat

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is basically a multi-user chat system with the help of which people gather on “rooms” or “ channels” to talk privately or in groups. If you want to participate in an IRC discussion you require internet access and an IRC client. An IRC client is simply a program that runs on your PC and receives and sends messages from and to an IRC server. IRC allows you to create your own chat room wherein you can invite others to chat. You may even protect your chat room using a password to enjoy a perfectly private discussion with only those you invite.

  1. Email

Email or electronic mail is one of those internet tools for communication that everyone is aware of. It is the transmission of messages and these messages can be electronic files that you have saved on your disk or notes that you type using your keyboard. Using any email client you can compose and send a message to any person, anywhere, as long as you are aware of their email address. Generally, the email message that you will send is received within a few seconds. This is a great internet communication tool to use if you want to send the same message to many people at the same time.

  1. VoIP

VoIP is yet another internet communication tool which is very popular. VoIP software and hardware together work and use the internet to make phone calls by sending voice packet data with the help of IP instead of using the traditional PSTN. The voice traffic gets transformed into data packets which travel over the internet just like the normal data packets are transmitted. On reaching their destination these data packets are received by the recipient as voice data itself. To make VoIP calls, together with an internet connection you need a VoIP provider. Different providers will offer you different rates and plans, so you can compare at least a few before you select one. Though this may sound quite like the traditional phone call services, it is somewhat different. Yes, you will be enjoying a call quite like the usual ones, but this is far less expensive, particularly when you are making long distance calls.

These are the 5 internet based communication tools, each of them being equally popular and can be used for staying connected with your dear ones whenever you want to. At the same time, businesses too are finding these tools very helpful and use them when they need to communicate with their clients or employees located in different parts of the world.

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Top 5 Global Collaboration Tools

In the modern business world, a workplace is comprised of people working from different time zones. In order to work effectively and productively, a good collaboration tool is essential. These are some of the best global collaboration tools which every business should consider having.

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is also a very popular global collaboration tool. It was previously known as ezTalks Cloud Meeting. It is used in plenty of offices and companies. The best thing about this tool is that joining a meeting is extremely easy. When you invite a customer to join a meeting, they may not always want to open a new account. However, here there is no need to open an account. You can join just by clicking the URL. It also supports HD quality video and the audio quality is also very good. There are also several other additional features like Screen Sharing, online whiteboard, online meeting scheduling, text chat and you can record online meetings as well for future purpose. 

2. Asana

Asana is a very popular global collaboration tool and is used by plenty of companies and organizations. It is a very flexible tool and will allow you to keep a track of all the information and workflows. It will also allow you to follow the status of your jobs. One of the best things about this tool is that you can use Asana for free for up to 15 members. The free version has almost all the essential features which you will need. 

Asana is basically web based. However, they also have a mobile app. In order to use Asana, everyone in the team must open an account. Someone will set up the Project and the others will have to join the project. Each project will have tasks and subtasks as well. The website is also very well designed. The layout is very good and there are enough colors to keep you excited. There are also some extra effects like you will occasionally find celebratory unicorns appearing on the screen. However, if you want, you can turn off these extra effects.

3. Podio

Podio is also another very effective global collaboration tool. Many organization has separate apps for sending messages, emails, and even project management tools. However, Podio will do everything for you. Podio can be described as a kind of social networking platform where every user has their own account. Workspaces can also be created with specific groups of people. One of the best things about Podio is that they have an Apps Market where you can download apps which will help your business to grow.

It has all the features which you will expect in a social networking platform like an in-built chat app and direct messaging option. You can also visit any profile to get information like Contact details. Their Apps Marketplace is also very well organized. The apps are categorized as per the nature of your business like CRM, Sales, PR, Communication, and others. When you select a category, Podio will show all the apps relevant to that category. 

4. Slack

Apart from making communication with your team members easier, Slack will also allow you to improve the effectiveness of your communication. You just need to use Slack properly. However, in order to get used to Slack and its various features, it may take a bit of time. Since there are so many features and options, you need to explore a bit initially. Creating a team in Slack is easy. The person who creates the Group will have to send the URL of the group to the rest of its members. Others can join just by clicking on the URL.

Slack has plenty of great benefits. One of the best features is that you can edit a message after you have sent it. This prevents miscommunication. Another great thing about this global collaboration tool is that it supports both audio and video conference calls. Slack also has a mobile app which can prove to be very beneficial if there are people working in different time zones. Whenever there is any important event, you will get a notification on your phone. 

5. Igloo Software

Igloo software is basically an Intranet and you can customize it as per the needs of your business. The main objective of this software is to improve the internal communication among the team members. However, it does more than just improving the communication. You can create groups for your teams where you can upload documents, have discussions, assign tasks to the group members and even hold a debate. 

Another advantage of Igloo is that it is very user-friendly. Within 2 hours of using it, you will get used to the various features and settings. Another good thing about Igloo is that it has a very clean and user-friendly interface. You can easily navigate between the various features and options. Igloo has an Android and iOS app. You can also integrate Igloo with other important software like Salesforce and SharePoint. 

Thus, there are several good global collaboration tools which you can use. You have to select one as per your needs and the nature of your business

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Benefits of Webinars for Online Education

With Internet technology, you’ll be able to get associated with people everywhere around the world anytime we would like. An internet based seminar or web seminar is really a presentation, lecture, workshop or perhaps a seminar conducted on the internet using interactive video software. Where the host uses conferencing equipments and multimedia to connect with viewers or listeners interactively, including voice communications, live or prerecorded videos, online presentations, product demonstrations, text chats and much more.

education webinars

Thinking about the problem to support a lot of students who wish to take classes on the web, many institutions begin to look for professional web seminar software that can help these to conduct classes online as web seminar has numerous advantages over physical face-to-face instruction mode of learning with regards to learning and teaching. Essentially, webinars for online education have following 6 significant benefits.

◆ Versatility. Webinars enable students to gain access to learning material anywhere anytime, that is exciting news for individuals who don’t have enough time or are a long way away access learning material.

◆ More fields for selection. Students learning through webinars can choose even individuals degree programs they could not otherwise take because of distance limitations. It’s now feasible for students to accomplish degree programs offered inside a different continent worldwide.

◆ Learning timetable availability. The training timetables of classes offered on-campus are often rigid and don’t offer much versatility to students. Webinars have made it feasible for college students to pause between classes and begin off again at any given time that belongs to them selecting.

◆ Economical. Students using webinars for education think it is cheaper since traveling costs along with other expenses that required by on-campus learning are excluded. Books that traditional classes require may not be necessary within the situation where students use webinars.

virtual classroom online

◆ Interactivity. Teachers tend to be more approachable on the internet and students tend to be more comfortable contacting teachers through chats and newsgroup discussions instead of face-to-face interactions. It is because webinars invest attendees within an equal position to lead within the virtual class.

◆ Better knowledge of content. Based on research through the U.S. Department of your practice, “typically, students in online learning conditions performed modestly much better than individuals receiving face-to-face instruction.” The department of your practice learned that students taking classes on the web perform better that individuals using in person instruction method of learning

top telecommunication company zoom online meeting best free screen sharing teamviewer alternative free

Then it is no wonder that webinars are becoming increasingly more adopted worldwide like a new type of online education. But the best idea free web seminar software for online education? ‘cisco’ WebEx, GotoWebinar, ezTalks or Skype? Honestly speaking, ezTalks is easily the most cost-effective and comprehensive one by outfitted itself with effective features like live recording for playback, screening discussing, white board and handheld remote control. Register free and begin your small web seminar for online education immediately!

Note: In the current employment market, webinars also aid employees to become more competitive through getting educated on the internet without getting to consider leave. You should check How Business Advantages of Webinars to find out more.

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Telehealth vs. Telemedicine vs. Telecare

Nowadays, there are many new medical terms that the average patient might not understand. For instance, there’s common misunderstanding from the terms telecare, telemedicine and telehealth. Many people rely on them interchangeably. However, all these words refers to a new approach to supplying healthcare through interactive video technology. To obvious in the confusion, let us check out telehealth, telemedicine and telecare within the following 3 parts.

Part 1: Telehealth

Telehealth, also referred to as e-health, m-health, is really a general word talking about the delivery of healthcare services, health information services and healthcare education through telecommunications technologies. Telecare and telemedicine are encompassed inside the wider scope of telehealth. Telehealth entails preventive, curative, and promotive aspects. It supports remote monitoring of the patient bloodstream pressure, bloodstream sugar level and electrocardiography (ECG), health education services in addition to remote consultations (i.e. telemedicine). Through modern telehealth technology, doctors can examine, identify, recommend treatment and monitor an individual’s medical problem remotely.


The main benefits that telehealth provides people are list below.

1.It normally won’t have to travel a lengthy method to visit a physician.

2.They think safer because there’s always an expert physician monitoring their fluctuating health problems.

3.They might go to a hospital for checkup less frequently.

4.They’d find out more about their conditions in addition to how you can manage them.

Part 2: Telemedicine

Telemedicine refers particularly towards the delivery of clinical healthcare services to patients via using telecommunication technology. Types of telemedicine include interactive video with doctors, digital transmission of medical imaging and remote medical examination or diagnoses. The scope of telemedicine is a lot narrower compared to telehealth.


The first types of telemedicine were achieved through radio and telephone, now they’ve been substituted with advanced diagnostic system based on distributed client-server applications and interactive video software. Generally, telemedicine could be divided to asynchronous telemedicine, remote monitoring and interactive services.

1.Asynchronous telemedicine means convey medical data for example bio-signals and medical images to some physician in a convenient here we are at assessment, which doesn’t need the existence of both sides. What distinguishes it from in-person physician-patient consultation may be the omission of the bodily examination.

2.Remote monitoring enables a physician to watch patients remotely using technological devices. This method is principally employed for managing chronic illnesses and types of conditions, for example bronchial asthma, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It’s very economical.

3.Interactive services offer real-time interactions from a patient along with a physician by way of online communication, phone conversations, home visits, etc. They’re usually put on physical examination, history review, ophthalmology assessments and psychological evaluations.

Part 3: Telecare

Telecare is principally accustomed to monitor individuals to come on-time emergency support via cell phone, computer along with other telecommunication technology, which will help to handle an array of issues and risks connected having a person living alone. Additionally, it offers families additional assist with caring responsibilities.


You will find three primary kinds of telecare systems:

1.Aid foreseeable problems. It uses signals from sensors to evaluate the severity or frequency of monitored occasions. Doctors and anybody who’s concern to deal with the emerging issues have access to the appropriate data anytime.

2.Minimize the risk of problems happening. For example, a bed sensor can help prevent fall by activating a lamp whenever a person will get up out of bed. This really is handy just because a person doesn’t have to achieve for that switch or move about within the darkness.

3.Mitigate harm. The machine utilizes heat sensors, pendant alarms, smoke detectors, bed sensors and so on to assist mitigate harm rapidly. For instance, a bed sensor can activate a security if an individual doesn’t go back to some bed following a predetermined time.

Now are you currently obvious about telehealth, telemedicine or telecare? Anything, you’d always need video conference software (ezTalks is extremely suggested here) to talk with doctors online. So hesitate forget about and freely register below to construct a detailed reference to your physician online!

best screen share software webex screen sharing not working best alternative to skype

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Collaboration vs Teamwork: What’s the Difference?

Collaboration vs Teamwork: What’s the Difference?

In any cooperative environment there are so many terms that you are often going to hear, and amongst these, the two most popular ones are collaboration and teamwork. Both of these play an important role in the business world, and often people confuse them to be one and the same. But the fact is that collaboration and teamwork are two different terms. But before we get to learn about the difference between collaboration and teamwork, let us get to know about both of them in brief details.

What Is Collaboration?

If you have asked a human resource professional or any CEO what elements or goals contributed to their success they would come up with quite a few corporate terms, and one such term is sure to be collaboration. Collaboration is when two or more people (usually groups) work together through thinking and idea sharing to reach a common goal. For successfully collaboration, it is important to use the best collaboration tools like ezTalks.

What Is Teamwork?

Teamwork also is very important in the corporate world and almost all businesses – big or small use teamwork. It is basically a group work where different people of that team/group work together under any circumstances offering constructive feedback and using their own skills, no matter what kind of personal relationship they may otherwise be sharing.

Collaboration vs Teamwork: What's the Difference?

The end result of teamwork or collaboration is usually the same. When there is collaboration in a group, they are working together to reach a particular goal. Each member of that group shares the same vision. Now, this is also what happens in teamwork, the members of this group also work towards reaching a certain goal. But then what are the difference between collaboration and teamwork? This is exactly what we shall discover now.

1. The roles of the team members

Collaboration – Collaboration is often mistaken as teamwork because it requires many people to work on a project together. Though there is a certain element of teamwork here, it is very different, and instead of calling it a team, it would rather be wise to refer to it as collective. Instead of having a group of people performing their own individual tasks to reach a goal, in collaboration, there is a group of people creating a collective mind in order to reach a goal or solve a problem. Thus, in collaboration efforts are made to create a single mind from a group of individual minds, indiscernible from one another. The best thing is these individuals can be members from anywhere in the world, and they get to collaborate using popular tools like ezTalks.

Teamwork – In a team or so to say in teamwork, the members retain their own individual qualities. Though they share a common goal, the members usually put in individual efforts. Just like in a baseball team, for instance, they are a group, but each member of the group has to put in their individual efforts which will benefit the team at large. Each of the players has their own responsibilities and all of them are important. Similarly, in teamwork, every member has their own role, and all of them are important. Members of a team are usually present in the same premises, and they meet as and when is needed.

2. The focus

Collaboration – in case of collaboration the focus is in the process. The act of collaboration forms and shapes the work that needs to be completed to finish a project. As the work keeps progressing the goal is better defined. You can say it to be a living document, it is flexible and dynamic.

Teamwork – The focus in case of teamwork is the goal itself, and the process is just a way to reach the end. The only way to reach this goal is to act as a team, with individual efforts from every member of the team.

3. Importance of leaders

Teamwork - Most of the time teams have a strong leader that has the authority to solve disputes and coordinates actions as well. The leader plays a very important role, and he/she has a strong responsibility of helping make a team successful.

Collaboration – Collaborators, unlike teams, do not rely on leaders to solve differences, and nor can they walk away from each other if they disagree. Collaboration is basically a strong relationship of give and take between the participants.

So, collaboration and teamwork, no matter how similar they may seem are actually different, work differently, but helps produce the same result, reach a goal together that proves beneficial for a company, and is conducive to its growth.

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7 Different Ways to Communicate Online

What are the different ways to communicate online? This is one of the questions our readers have been asking for answers since the start of this year. To answer this question, we are going to reveal some of the top ways many individuals and organizations are using in this digital age. Before then, let us first understand what online communication is.

Online communication is a kind of communication between organization or individuals at starts and ends on the Internet. Basically, it is how people pass information over the Internet through a network of computers. Below are some of the 7 different ways to communicate online.

ways to communicate online

Way 1. Email

Email is one of the digital ways of sending letters. It works almost the same as a traditional post office mail in that information is sent by one person in one location and received by another person in a different location. You must have an email account in order to send or receive these web based text messages. Besides text messages, you can also attach others files such as images and documents. The messages reaches the intended recipient almost instantly. If you are the sender, you must have the correct email from the recipient.

Way 2. Video Conferencing

The second way to communicate online vividly and intuitively is via video conferencing. To make it, you just need a professional and noteworthy video conferencing solution - ezTalks Meetings. It is often used to hold video conferences and improve online communication with clients, colleagues, students and partners in various geographical locations across the world.

Some of the things that makes ezTalks Meetings stands out includes Super HD audio and video quality, quick access to meetings, easy screen sharing and annotation, interactive whiteboard, ability to schedule online meetings, cross-platform text messaging, recording of meetings and many other useful features. This video conferencing solution is tailored for new businesses, small business and large companies that want to simplify remote collaborations.

different ways to communicate online

Way 3. Social Networks

Another way to communicate online is through social networks. These platforms allows members to connect with their friends and make new friends from across the world. They also allow members to share with their friends, followers or connects within the platform. To get started, you must register and complete your profile. Once you are done, you can view other users you want to become friends or communicate with. Some of the most popular social networks you can sign up for free and start communicating include Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and Instagram, and others.

Way 4. Audio Conferencing

Apart from the above three ways of communicating online, you can also use audio conferencing to communicate online with your family members, friends, business partners and students. Basically, it is a connection between two computers equipped with speakers and microphones. Participants use either an audio conferencing application such as Skype or an instant messaging software to communicate with each other. The microphone picks the audio message from one user and pass it through a computer to the other user almost instantly. The message is heard by the recipient through the speaker.

Way 5. VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol commonly known as VoIP, is a combination of software and hardware that enable you to use the Internet to transmit telephone calls. Rather than using the public switched telephone network (PSTN), in VoIP, voice data is transmitted by using IP. You are given a unique phone number and an adapter to send or receive the phone calls through a traditional phone, a VoIP phone or a computer. One advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol is that the phone calls do not attract any surcharge apart from the one you're paying for Internet access.

Way 6. Chat Room

Another way of communicating online is through a chat room. This is an area on the Internet, typically communicated to a particular topic, where members can communicate and share their interests with others. One member types a message that is accessed by all members who are online in the chat room. The member can also see a list of all members who are online. He or she can also click on another member, whether online or not, to send a private message or view his profile.

Way 7. Forums

People can also communicate online through forums. A forum is a type of website that allow members to post questions, start a discussion or contribute to various discussions. Each individual question or discussion is referred to as a thread. A forum is usually updated and monitored by the admin or moderator.

These are some of the top ways you can use to communicate online. To pick the best way to communicate online from the above options, first you must know your needs and what you want to achieve. You also need to understand that just like all technologies, the way you can communicate online with other people is constantly evolving.

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Difference between E-learning and Distance Learning

Distance learning and e-learning both provide viable educational alternatives for busy adult learners. While the two terms often seem interchangeable and possess some similarities, they also have strategic although subtle differences. Here we'll take a look the differences between (and advantages of) e-learning and distance learning. Before knowing the main difference between e-learning and distance learning, we’ll also show you what is e-learning and what is distance learning.

What Is E-learning?

eLearning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. e-learning can include preparing, the delivery of without a moment to spare information and guidance from experts.

If you could stop time and inexpensively unite most of the people in your affiliation who need to learn and the resources to teach them, you would not need eLearning. In the real world, people have occupations to do, and budgets are limited. You're learning system will need the power of technology to overcome the impediments of time, distance, and resources.

You realize that people learn in a wide range of courses and at different times. To help these different learning needs, you will need different e-learning delivery methods. Furthermore, you will need a way to deal with develop and manage e-learning.

What Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is the thing that should happen if the excellent idea has been taken in regards to the course design, instructional systems, correspondence mediums, and affiliation and authoritative issues related to the distance preparing program. Data exchange should come to pass regardless of the way that the educator and student are geologically isolated by time or distance.

E-learning vs Distance Learning: What’s the Differences?

Main Benefits of E-learning:

E-learning has definite benefits over conventional classroom preparing. While the most evident is the flexibility and the cost reserve stores from not traveling or spend excess time a long way from work, there are also others that won't be so self-evident. For example:

It's less expensive to produce - Using Trainer Soft's written work software to create your own specific nonconcurrent preparing programs, e-preparing is free once you reach the break-even point. Synchronous projects will have continued expenses associated with the educator dealing with the class, however, will even now be lower than standard courses.

It's self-paced - Most e-learning tools can be taken when needed. The "books" that you set up using Trainersoft create a module-based design enabling the learner to experience smaller pieces of preparing that can be utilized and absorbed for quite a while before proceeding forward.

It moves faster - According to an article by Jennifer Salopek in "Preparing and Development Magazine," e-learning courses progress up to 50 percent faster than conventional courses. This is most of the way because the individualized approach enables learners to skip material they already know and understand and move onto the issues they need preparing on.

It provides a consistent message - E-learning eliminates the problems associated with different educators teaching barely different material on the same subject. For association based preparing, this is often fundamental.

It can work from any area and whenever - E-learners can experience instructional meetings from anywhere, typically whenever. This Just-In-Time (JIT) benefit can make learning possible for people who never would have been able to work it into their schedules preceding the development of e-learning. (On the off chance that you manage a corporate learning program, however, be careful about requesting that workers learn without anyone else time from home.)

It can be updated easily and quickly - Online e-learning sessions are exceptionally easy to keep in the current style because the updated materials are uploaded to a server. Plate ROM-based projects may be barely more expensive to update and distribute, yet at the same time come out cheaper than reprinting manuals and retraining educators.

It can lead to increased retention and a stronger handle on the subject - This is because of the numerous elements that are combined in e-learning to reinforce the message, for example, video, sound, quizzes, interaction, etc. There is more over the ability to revisit or replay sections of the preparation that won't have been clear the first time around. Attempt that in a crowded lobby!

It can be easily managed for large gatherings of students - Trainersoft Manager permits corporate preparing directors, HR managers, and others to keep track of the course offerings, schedule or permit preparing for employees and keep tabs on their development and results. Managers can review a student's scores and identify any areas that need extra preparing.

There are many advantages to e-learning, and even the potential disadvantages (i.e., exhausting text-based courses, technophobia, loneliness) can be alleviated with a properly designed course. Let's move on now to how to create a decent course.

Top 10 Benefits of Distance Learning:

Distance learning, otherwise called online guideline, is a useful choice for some people of any age who need to get prepare. It holds different professionals and central focuses over a conventional learning condition.

Decision: An online guideline gives the chance to contemplate more subjects and connect with programs that are not accessible in the incite zone.

Adaptable: Distance learning is necessarily more flexible than conventional styles of classroom guideline. Understudies who need to take different classes or work can do classwork at whatever point they have a free minute as opposed to being confined to an unbending timetable.

Systems organization: Students who enlist in classes with online direction acquire a more extensive scope of systems management openings. Rather than being restricted to systems administration in the neighborhood, learning empowers understudies to make a relationship with a more varied range of people.

Pace: Online preparing empowers understudies to work at their own particular pace a significant part of the time. The necessities are not as strict and typically give a scope of due dates when the work ought to be submitted.

Booking: The calendars for distance learning are more open and consider understudies, watchmen, and experts to take the classes at whatever point it fits into their timetable. This is helpful for classroom preparing that expects understudies to design work and childcare around the class time.

Money: Online classes typically cost not as much as preparing in a classroom circumstance. There are fewer space restrictions and materials required for every understudy, and the investment reserves are passed on from the instructive association to every understudy.

Voyaging: A significant favorable position to getting an online direction is that there is no compelling reason to go to and from class every day. Somebody who wouldn't drive or like to consume through money on the expenses of accessible transportation every day will presumably get an online guideline over the conventional classroom.

Determination of Professors: Distance learning empowers understudies to pick up from perhaps the most renowned teachers and guest speakers in each field.

No classroom setting: Sitting in the classroom is not an ideal route for each understudy to learn. An understudy may learn better at his own particular pace and in an unexpected setup in contrast with conventional coaching alternatives offer.

Viable: Online classes are comparable as, if not increasingly, influential at demonstrating understudies than the conventional classroom style of learning.

Distance learning may not be the perfect choice for everybody yet rather should be considered when looking for a guideline.

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5 Best Online Conference Meeting Software

This really is the time of the online meeting conference. The great factor is it reduces travel some time and increases viable collaboration. Plus, participants could be located anywhere all over the world. The lower sides are lag, lost connections, and an array of other intricacies the IT guys stare to you weird to take for them.


The easiest method to avoid individuals awkward interactions is to find the best conference meeting online software from the beginning. So, here are 5 of highly rated and many popular solutions.


1. 'cisco' WebEx


'cisco' WebEx appears is the most widely used from the 3 review websites. Capterra is among the top review website for business software products. They've 129 reviews for 'cisco' WebEx, greater than every other online conference meeting software. They're also featured on PC World’s showdown of software for conferences and conferences online. And states they are among the best services having a free tier. The disposable version only enables 3 participants, however they have immediate access to any or all of WebEx’s collaboration tools for example video and Voice over internet protocol, file discussing and annotating, and and group chat. Plus, it may be carried out by a browser without having to download a unique application more often than not. Even if your reviews have negatives, the reviewers are extremely forgiving due to the upsides.




2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting


This can be a excellent online meeting and conferencing software too. Actually, ezTalks Cloud Meeting is most likely probably the most versatile out there filling multiple needs and employ cases. On Capterra, ezTalks Cloud Meeting has only 3 reviews, but all 3 provide 5 from 5 stars. One shining feature is you can host as much as 100 participants free of charge. You are able to upgrade for additional options that come with course, but the disposable choice is feature wealthy: HD video, HD audio, limitless quantity of conferences, live broadcasting via browser, instant or scheduled conferences, recording & playback, private and group chat, meeting controls. However, conferences need to finish in 40 minutes. Should you upgrade, conferences don't have any time period limit, user management, admin controls, and reporting. The Professional tier enables as much as 500 participants as the Enterprise tier makes it possible for as much as 10,000 among other added features. And should you not like cloud solutions, ezTalks Cloud Meeting could be deployed on-site. The Professional version is available in under $13/ month per host.


 ezTalks Cloud Meeting


3. TeamViewer


TeamViewer has slightly less reviews than WebEx on Capterra, however the comments are greater overall. The service is centered on handheld remote control. Quite simply, the service targets users who wish to allow anyone to remotely control their computer. However, you can use it for getting a gathering conference online, easy file discussing, and remote training. Additionally, it received kudos in the site, Online Meeting Software Review. Although Capterra states there is a free version along with a free trial offer, the website doesn't seem to show a totally free version. The costs also seem to be the greatest among this 5 best, however the Enterprise versions for bigger organizations really don't show prices.




4. GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar


Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar aren't the identical, yet we’re likely to review both here. GoToMeeting only accommodates 26 participants whereas GoToWebinar handles 1000. As you may imagine GoToWebinar concentrates at presenters who would like to talk to large categories of people. So, it requires some established to prepare the web seminar, however it can poll attendees to obtain quick reactions in the large number of listeners. GoToMeeting can begin a gathering immediately. Have excellent reviews. Capterra has 211 reviews for GoToMeeting with 4/5 stars, and GoToWebinar has 36 reviews with 4.5/5 overall stars. GoToMeeting also features on PCWorld’s showdown of software for online conference meeting. And GoToWebinar was number two on the Quora question concerning the best web seminar platforms for 2017. GoToMeeting starts at $19/month for approximately 10 participants, and GoToWebinar starts at $89 for the fundamental web seminar needs.






Join.use is particularly directed at online conference conferences. It is among the most easy to use out there. The machine is intuitive and doesn't consume much property in your screen unless of course you'll need an expanded view. Among the standout this is actually the easy discussing control among participants. Therefore the host can certainly have a break. Naturally, there is a free version, just like WebEx, it supports as much as 3 participants. It always costs $20/ month, but presently they're offering 10% off.




Online conference meeting software continues to be merging with web seminar, collaboration, and other kinds of software programs. However, which means you will be able to find the one which is the best for you. And should you prefer a one-stop shop, it is simple to choose among the above.

videoconference interview skype for business video conferencing benefits of video conferencing skype screen share screenshare software windows share screen work from home image

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Best Three WizIQ Alternatives

WizIQ is really a virtual classroom platform made to allow trainers to produce teaching programs, delivered in tangible-time or as recorded training. Additionally, it enables trainers to build up, run then sell their courses online. Besides, it supports numerous teacher accounts, live classes, web based classes and HD video streaming. It is not all! It provides the opportunity to track the performance of learners and the opportunity to set learning objectives for college students.


If you're thinking about getting WizIQ however, you haven’t taken time for you to review its alternatives, we counsel you to achieve that. If you take time for you to review WizIQ alternatives, you're going to get a obvious picture of the items other tools offer. We've put together 3 options to WizIQ which are worth a go.


1. Litmos LMS


Litmos LMS is really a feature-wealthy online learning platform for schools that you'll love. This WizIQ alternative is outfitted with the features you can need inside a learning platform. It props up upload of audio, videos in addition to numerous text formats within its course builder. Besides, analytics are cleanly organized. It is simple to monitor the introduction of your learners and award them certifications. It also would go to great lengths to provide features that lots of its competition is hard-pressed to provide. They permit for live course monitoring and allow you to link your personal website name together with your platform. The woking platform can be obtained on Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Home windows platform.


2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting


Presently, the very best option to WizIQ is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. It's valued because of its user-friendly features and intuitive interface. It's features like program, interactive video, white board animation, group and chat, easy screen discussing, annotation, plus much more. Besides, it may allow session recording for future use. This functionality causes it to be a great tool for educators and students as students can view working out session later when they miss the session. Also, the tool boasts top quality video and audio abilities. Where ezTalks Cloud Meeting shines is it supports an active training as high as 100 learners free of charge! This different to WizIQ isn't selective about compatibility. It operates on any device running in Android, iOS Home windows and Mac.


3. TalentLMS


TalentLMS supplies a complete web-based LMS with functionality for course creation, user evaluation, e-commerce, and extended enterprise to create learning and teaching fun and easy. With WizIQ alternative, you may create videos, audios and flash contents and share online very quickly. Additionally, there's searching functionality that will help you search and embed Slide Show presentations, Wikipedia articles, YouTube videos and much more into courses. The courses produced are enhanced for presentation on smartphones, tablets in addition to computers. There's fixed testing to judge information retention, and questions could be developed and re-used across multiple courses.




That's it! Our listing of 3 options to WizIQ. These platforms might help take the classes to existence because of their many features. Prior to choosing these programs, however, you have to give consideration not just in their features, but additionally to several factors, including prices, customer care, supported devices in addition to integrations offered.

group video conference video conferencing hardware what common design feature among instant messaging google hangout share screen teamviewer free alternative free webex alternatives skype vs hangouts what is unified communications

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5 Best 'cisco' Jabber Alternatives

'cisco' Jabber is really a collaboration tool that may be utilized from the desktop or cellular devices. A number of its key features include video and audio conferencing, im, ease in transferring files amongst others. It provides an effective way by which people will find and talk to their colleagues. They connect online with the features which have been availed by 'cisco' Jabber.


It will help benefit lots of people diversely. For example, you won't need to face travel expense instead of in person communication. With this particular tool, you won't ever lose out if individuals who attempted to talk with you. You could do through its feature that enables you to definitely manage voicemails. However, this isn't to imply that 'cisco' Jabber is the greatest online communication tool. This can be because may possibly not always match up with your expectation or the type of collaborative software you're searching for. Consequently, you will find 'cisco' Jabber alternatives that are offered.


1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting


ezTalks Cloud Meeting is definitely an amazing online collaboration software that is included with many amazing features. It may focus on both desktop and cellular devices. Additionally to getting interactive video, it features a web-based white board oral appliance screen discussing. The white board is useful whenever you must share presentations and concepts with other people. Additionally towards the video and voice conferencing, additionally, it supports im either on private or group chat.


With this particular 'cisco' Jabber alternative, you are able to connect with as many as 100 people concurrently. If it's to your benefit, you are able to record the session for future reference. ezTalks Cloud Meeting includes a free starter for individuals with wonderful features. For individuals who would like to upgrade, they can decide on either the professional package which will come with advanced features, like hosting online conferences which contains as much as 500 participants.


'cisco' jabber alternatives


2. Zoom


Zoom is yet another 'cisco' Jabber alternative. Much like ezTalks Cloud Meeting, it features both top quality audio conference and interactive video. This will make it a highly effective tool for hosting conferences. The zoom im tool enables participants to talk about texts and files. Additionally, the interface it uses is extremely easy, thus the individual coordinating the meeting won't have a problem.


Zoom includes three different packages that you could choose. They all are priced differently with respect to the quantity of participants that it may support. The cost, however, vary with respect to the quantity of users for the reason that month. You can use it on desktops and cell phones.


'cisco' jabber alternative


3. Slack


Another option to 'cisco' Jabber is Slack. Initially, it-not only features video and voice calls. However, this altered this past year. Better still than simply getting group voice and video calls, it enables you to definitely make one-to-one calls too. Besides, it features screen discussing. This selection enables the participants throughout a live video call to talk about files using the others. It's various packages, together with a free one, that you can buy. It ought to be noted more costly the package, the greater advanced the characteristics it's.


options to 'cisco' jabber


4. Google Hangouts


If you're searching for connecting with a small amount of people free of charge, this ought to be your option to 'cisco' Jabber. It enables you to definitely connect with as many as ten people concurrently. It features both Google video business call and Google voice calling. Furthermore, you're going to get to possess im. By doing so, it may be easy to produce a group chat and arrange for an internet conference.


It's more appropriate for any rather informal setting. Because of this, it's popular using the youth. With G Suite integrated into it, it is simple to sync invites out of your email such that you don't forget to participate a gathering. Google Hangouts could be utilized by utilizing both desktop and thru cell phones.


option to 'cisco' jabber


5. IBM Sametime


This 'cisco' Jabber alternative features hd voice and interactive video. Much like Slack, additionally, it enables for screen discussing. Therefore, discussing of files between individuals cooperating becomes simpler. You won't find it difficult learning using it because it is user-friendly. Lately, they created applications that are supported on smartphones or tablets. This really is in order to actually don't lose out if you're not close to the access of the desktop.


best options to 'cisco' jabber


In summary, it's apparent there are many options to 'cisco' Jabber. The examples discussed above are the top alternatives. When selecting interactive video software, you need to know which works good for you with respect to the features you'll need. Additionally, you have to consider whether you need to choose one that's free or by using a regular monthly subscription.

screen share program join meeting telecommuting pros and cons online vs traditional education video conferencing interviews free teamviewer webex screen share not working zoom conferencing reviews visual communication share screen google hangout

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ezTalks: Top Online Meeting Platforms You Must Know

Online meetings work by utilizing paid or free online meeting platforms that offer administrations to participants to imitate a face-to-face meeting. You can regularly use an online meeting platform that takes into consideration the host of the meeting to give information what you'd find in a business conference room.

1. Google Hangouts

This free online meeting platform is a Google profitability apparatus that is accessible crosswise on different platforms. It was produced by Google with the point of offering communication through various channels including voice, texting, and Google video conference call. Google Hangouts provides functionalities that are valuable for one-on-one communication between two people, and multipoint-to-multipoint online calls skype

online meeting platforms

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a distinguished online meeting platform that is accessible on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC and Android phone and device platforms. ezTalks has both free and paid choices relying upon the features one need to utilize. The way that its makers have concentrated on offering online meeting makes it extremely prevalent in this space.

Key Features of ezTalks Cloud Meeting

• As Large as Meeting Capacity
ezTalks Cloud Meeting now offers a free version which permits up to 100 participants to be associated with the meeting at the same time. It is not a trial, but rather a lasting IP-based online meeting benefit for nothing out of pocket. For a larger meeting capacity, you can upgrade to its paid version which supports hosting an online meeting consisting of up to 500 participants.

• HD Face-to-Face Collaboration
ezTalks Cloud Meeting strikingly imitates customary face-to-face communication to move it online over the screen by using HD video and crystal-clear sound. By removing regular cooperation from the settled office spaces, ezTalks sets up a sound business relationship and keeps up interactive and beneficial joint effort regardless of web conferencing

• Constant Private and Group Chat
Other than two-way video and sound transmission, ezTalks likewise underpins texting. It is a sort of continuous communication in online meetings. If you have any issues about online meetings, you can communicate something specific in the text to the one you need to talk or to the group visit room.

• Simple Sharing and Discussing
Another critical capacity of ezTalks Cloud Meeting is its capable distribution function, including screen sharing and interactive whiteboard. Screen and whiteboard sharing empower you to share your proposals or thoughts openly and in the interim allow participants to co-annotate for quick decision making.

• Helpful Recording and Playback
ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables you to record online meetings, which will be exceptionally beneficial to staff preparing and online learning. You can record all the content or some valuable content for playback later. In this way, you can get the missed information or strengthen the key free video chat

online meeting platform

3. WebEx Meeting Center

WebEx is the umbrella name assigned to Cisco Systems' expansive cluster of online meeting platforms which serve from small meetings to substantial conferences. Meeting Center is a prominent piece of this scope of items and holds shared working at its core. What puts this tool besides its competitors is the ability for hosts and participants to keep various meeting-related substance on its screen all the while and resize or transfer them around as they like.

free online meeting platforms

4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer has a very good reputation for being a quick and hassle-free process to troubleshoot remote computers. However, at the same time, it is a great free online meeting platform to get a team collectively on the web, chat, share screens, and collaborate on documents. TeamViewer enables you to at the minimal effort of free, start instant online meetings, plan meetings ahead of time and also stream video from your HD webcam to the gathering, so you would all be able to see each other's faces while you are talking.

best online meeting platforms


A pleasant feature of most online suppliers on online meeting platforms is that you can take a free try before you commit to a month to month charge or to buy the software. 



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ezTalks: Tips and Ideas for Business Meetings

1. Decide the date and time of your meeting

First of all, you must set an exact date for a business meeting. To do this, it is necessary to inform all participants of the meeting about it in advance. Depending on the format of this event and with whom you are holding it, it can be a telephone, oral, or a written invitation, which can be sent by e-mail. It is necessary to send out to all participants the agenda with questions for further discussion, regulations, keynote speakers and reference materials, if video conference calls

It is important not to be late for your business meeting so you should arrive in advance. In the case of an online meeting, you also need to prepare and start a meeting on time.

2. Choose a place where to hold a business meeting

It is necessary to think which place is most suitable for a business meeting. A suitable place can be your personal conference room in the company or a special meeting room. Make sure that your colleagues don’t hold their business meetings on that day. No less convenient option for a meeting is the meeting room you rented. This kind of services is offered by many hotels, educational institutions, and business to record webinar

Sometimes business meetings are arranged in restaurants and cafes. This option may be appropriate when a small number of participants are present at the meeting. If you decide to combine business negotiations with breakfast or lunch or do it for dinner, then you must reserve a table in a cafe or restaurant in advance.

The place where you want to hold a business meeting shouldn’t be too noisy, as it will be difficult to negotiate business matters. It is desirable to refuse the choice of exotic and extravagant places. Therefore, you should choose a place in a classical setting; also you can hold an online business meeting right in your office.

3. Check your equipment

Prepare the necessary equipment and check it before the meeting. Pre-adjust and carefully set up the microphone, video and telephone equipment so that during the meeting there were no malfunctions in their operation.

In the case of an online meeting, you need to check the communications and your software for a business meeting. It will be very insulting if your meeting is interrupted due to technical issues, so it is much better to solve them in advance. We recommend that you use only proven and modern software for online business meetings and conferences like ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

4. Complete preparations for a meeting

Check all the seats, lay out the handout material on the table, don’t forget about the writing materials. Arrange tablets with the names of all participants on tables. Also, you need to prepare any other materials that may be useful during a business meeting. If a meeting is scheduled in your office, greet and lead your guests to the conference to create a group message on iphone

You and your partners should be prepared and fully ready for any negotiation options. Sometimes in negotiations, the participation of a specialized expert is required. Then, it is necessary to agree on all conditions with him before the meeting.

5. Make a benefit from a business meeting

Even at the stage of preparing for an online meeting, it is worthwhile to think through possible options for the development of events and set a minimum goal and a maximum goal. With this approach, the business meeting will be held without surprises and will surely bring planned benefits.

To conduct online business meetings, you need modern software, such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting. This is a modern program, and with the help of it, you can conduct your online meeting at a high level. ezTalks Cloud Meeting provides unlimited HD video conferencingup to 100 people per meeting and many other interesting features.


After a business meeting, it is important to record and send the key results of the meeting, including decisions, actions, and open questions. As soon as the business meeting is over, it is necessary to distribute these results among the participants, for example, you can send follow-up mail to each of them. After looking through these business meeting tips discussed above, you can have an effective and productive business meeting.



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ezTalks: Listing Useful Distance Learning Software

The quality of distance education is high, and learning institutions are discarding inferior programs by accrediting new ones that have better reception and offer more quality. One such program is the use of distance education software. Now, we will introduce 7 best distance learning software for you to use.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is a video communication platform for distance learning and training. The system uses cloud technology to create new conference communication mode that makes online learning smoother and easier. Effective communication is important as it reduces operating costs. The software is in line with the needs of institutions of higher learning to ensure students meet acceptable levels of quality. video conference software

Advantages of using ezTalks Cloud Meeting:

● HD screen share, video streams, and VoIP which make interaction seamless and interactive.
● Easy and free access for non-members via web browsers.
● Easy connection from anywhere.
● Increased productivity, flexibility and efficiency through participation.

eztalks cloud meeting

2. WeVideo

The software allows students to put together their videos in a group. This enables students to have an atmosphere of togetherness that bridges the distance gap experienced in distance learning.

WeVideo approaches free distance learning with a tutorial like an approach which is considered sufficient in working environments.

Advantages of using WeVideo:

● A wide range of visual and audio effects.
● A simple, easy to use interface.
● Videos can be easily exported for future reference.
● Quality videos at a minimized cost.
● A supportive interface that allows members of the group to add more videos to a project.
● Free sign up metting

Disadvantages of using WeVideo:

● Pricing is excluded from sign up information up until during exportation of videos from the platform.
● Video quality resolution is of low quality for free sign up members.


3. scrible

This is a software that uses various tools to allow students to share notes, project progress and compare ideas. Students can share their resources during research and plan on ways of creating an open forum to enable them to build on their ideas. This tool provides an opportunity to bring together the best resources in one community and develop great plans.facetime alternative

Advantages of using scrible:

● Easily integrates with other software e.g. web browsers and search engines, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Google Docs among others.
● Offers desired citation formats such as MLA, APA, and Chicago among others.
● Educators quickly monitor and evaluate student involvement and performance.
● Work is easily integrated with Google Docs for further editing.

Disadvantages of using scrible:

● Users can only annotate text and not images or videos.
● Scrible regularly times out; thus time is wasted while logging in again.


4. Dropbox

Dropbox universal folders for others to upload their files and documents. Besides, it creates links for people to grab lesson plans. Dropbox offers a dynamic easy to monitor platform that makes learning easier.

Advantages of using Dropbox:

● Saved documents and records are continually synced across all devices hence reducing redundancy.
● Allows a variety of file types to be stored and easily accessed.
● Easy to monitor who views, what files are viewed and also supports the recovery of deleted files and documents.

Disadvantages of using Dropbox:

● Requires an internet connection to access stored files and documents.


5. Prezi

This is an alternative presentation package that creates presentations with each character and oomph. It has a fantastic look, and intuitive. The software enhances student presentations which are ideal for distance learning.

Advantages of using Prezi:

● It is appropriate for all ages
● Allows importation of slides from Microsoft PowerPoint.
● The software is free and Web-based. (Also comes in iOS and Android).
● Images and texts can be linked to movement e.g. panning and direction sequential build ups.

Disadvantages of using Prezi:

● It is mainly Web-based, hence in case of a slow connection creating the presentations would be a hassle.
● Mastering the usage of Prezi is based on how frequently you will be using it. It takes times to use its features efficiently.




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Top 5 Telemedicine Software

Top 5 Telemedicine Software

Today, almost everything is determined by technology. Health isn't any exception. Using the term “health IT,” it might be a large concept together with current technologies to talk about, store and evaluate people’s health information. Telemedicine is just a subset of health it that gives clinical healthcare through secure video and audio connections.


Telemedicine software like a platform is used by lots of providers today to talk with patients, to talk about video and/or images. It's consolidated having a provider’s systems of electronic health record and scheduling, and telemedicine software in India isn't behind this.


There are other than twenty most prominent telemedicine software companies on the market which have telemedicine choices for today’s doctors. These target hospitals, doctors, insurers along with other healthcare providers. Their email list of 5 top telemedicine software programs are introduced within the videoconference


1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting


ezTalks Cloud Meeting is really a professional online conferencing services for official video collaboration you can use for telemedicine field. It provides ultra-high-definition video and obvious audio which includes face-to-face screen communication in telemedicine applications.


Apart from these, it provides a singular white board that enables discussing to ensure that users can naturally share screens with meeting participants to demonstrate operations in tangible-time. Furthermore, ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables instant content discussing, present Word, PPT along with other document files for co-annotation or apart from that, that is necessary throughout the telemedicine conference.advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting


Additionally, the telemedicine software platform also enables users to announce to individuals of approaching occasions like meeting occasions and a few topics that will help them prepare in advance. Conferences are very well-arranged through mute all, make presenter, remove, lock meeting, permit speak along with other settings. The conferences could be became a member of or located from the available device, that has the operating-system of Home windows, Android, iOS or Mac from anywhere or screen sharing not working




2. swyMed


The telemedicine software platform known as swyMed enables hospitals to make use of their medical knowledge of the ambulance and also at the scene of the emergency. Medical staff for example surgeons and doctors can participate towards the medical aid received through the patients within the ambulance through the telemedicine application once the situation requires it. They are able to offer helpful medical health advice including instructing the EMT staff around the necessary formulations of the sufferers for his or her arrival in the hospital. Therefore, swyMed is regarded as the very best telemedicine software for online therapy and emergency care.




3. Talkspace


Patients can text medical providers with this particular telemedicine technology software. The written text message can be achieved using a private application anytime, which enables providers to reply in their very convenient conferencing


Talkspace is an extremely efficient way to broaden medical experts’ therapy practice by making a larger clientele via teletherapy. It connects clients to therapists via text im or chat. This breaks lower that old social stigma of therapy and enables patients to approach or contact medical providers. People may either join Talkspace or could be provided by telemedicine software companies among an employee’s benefits.




4. Teladoc


It is among the best telemedicine services for immediate care. Some telemedicine softwares only make use of the health IT platform’s convenience. They provide a nearly immediate access for clients to reside talk to physician using their cell phones or any other devices. These telemedicine services pair people having a counselor within their neighborhood, who are able to identify problems that are non-emergency and answer field health queries. Essentially, doctors still operate their particular practices and hand them over appointments with increased patients and broaden their clientele.


With Teladoc platform, these patients can contact medical professionals as soon as they require them. It's a classic magic formula for connecting together with just a mobile phone. In exchange medical professionals can improve their earnings and can be employed in flexible hrs.




5. MouthWatch


It is among the best telemedicine software platforms for dentistry. It suits doctors in fields which are beyond general medical practices, i.e., it enables dentists to achieve farther like remote locations or make house calls using a portable intraoral camera to determine the teeth through a web connection.teleconference


MouthWatch can simply let dentists to achieve for his or her patients when there's insufficient time and due to geographical limitations. It may capture and share images that are required upon checkup before someone could make the appointment when an action is essential later on.






Telemedicine softwares are growing after a while by. You will find countless choices on the market with various applications and medical fields which are under this health IT subset. The very best service for medical professionals is determined by which kind of care they are able to deliver and just what clients need.alternatives to google hangouts

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Pros and cons for Online Conferences

The growing utilization of internet and enhancements in the area of Computer systems progressively elevated using online conferences since last couple of years. It's made communication simpler, efficient and effective by utilizing some web conference software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype etc. Online conferences have given a number of benefits especially to the corporate world as description of how the can talk to their colleagues and associates situated at remote locations without leaving their safe place to go over business strategies and issues face-to-face. But where you can find some benefits of online conferences there are several disadvantages also. Within this write-up we're discussing benefits and drawbacks of internet conferencing equipment


While discussing pros and cons for online conferences it's good to possess brief details about what online meeting is. Actually, online conferences will also be referred as virtual conferences, online conferences or web conferences. Online conferences are organized between several participants found at different locations. To be able to communicate face-to-face in online conferences computers are utilized to with an web connection and web conference software like Skype or ezTalks Cloud Meeting by discussing screen or utilizing a video conferencing


During last couple of years web conference or online conferences have grown to be modern-day in addition to confusing because of accessibility to number of options. Today web conference or online conferences can be achieved through various sources like webcasts, webinars, teleconferencing, Voice over internet protocol and interactive video to help make the business conferences cost efficient and effective. During these online meeting there's a number who organizes the conferences other medication is the visitors or participants who're asked through the location of attend the meeting. The participants from the meeting such as the host could be presenters also however a presenter cannot always function as the host. Any participant that presents some details and figures to go over in the web based conferences could be referred to as a presenter.hangouts alternative


After understanding the word online conferences and it is related terms it's right tie to go over the pros and cons of internet conferences.


Benefits of Online Conferences


Based on operational options there's vast scope of the benefits of online conferences like:


Improved communication ability:


Using a web conference software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype etc. online conferences provide a strong and efficient platform for participation and communication between several remotely placed individuals or groups. Online conferences have made it feasible to reveal the whole presentation produced through the professionals towards the audiences around the world. In this manner online conferences have grown to be an very useful and efficient communication tool for that companies if used screen sharing


Quick access for stakeholders:


It may be very complicated to obtain every stakeholder at one spot for a company related meeting as not only will it increase price of the meeting but additionally produce a chaotic situation. Online conferences make it simpler in addition to economical to obtain all of the stakeholders at one place without compelling these to leave their house or office. Everybody can attend these conferences face-to-face simply by making couple of clicks using their mouse.


Efficient medium of interaction between all of the participants:


All of the participants attending a web-based meeting can communicate with one another which might not be possible if your physical meeting is arranged. Actually, participants of the meeting in excess of 20-25 people normally don't have lots of time to interact with the participants however in online conferences it may be possible. Online conferences are operate on web conference tools like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. which enables you to definitely communicate with other participants even just in rapid period of time.telecommuting advantages and disadvantages


Quick access for participants of preference:


Sometimes the organizers of economic conferences wish to invite some expert to go over their problems. May be might or might not be possible in physical conferences however in online conferences the host can certainly invite anybody to gain access to the meeting without travelling physically to his place.


Disadvantages of internet Conferences


Problem of format:


Many people like one format whereas some might like another format for online conferences because there are many formats used of the purpose. A few of the formats are cute whereas some might be annoying based upon individual's perspective. Though may be don't make much difference but is could be a strange situation for other people. Many people will need to adapt to steer clear of the uncomfortable situation but it might take time for you to have people ready for adjustment for the format.


Price of participation:


The performance degree of a few of the participants of internet conferences might not be just like expected. Such participants is going to be discarded by others because of their low performance. But may even good performers need to perform low because of the limitations from the technology employed for online conferences. In this manner there might be issue in the degree of performance from the participants.


Values of private contact:


Many occasions the presentations of remote participants aren't loved through the managers from the online conferences. Sometimes it might not be because of their weak presentation but additionally because of the variations within their personal contacts.


Insufficient understanding:


Sometimes some participants take some time to know the brand new techniques of internet conferences. May be may annoy individuals who learn may be more rapidly than the others. A web-based meeting can't be effective if your senior participant poses just like a fool within the meeting because of insufficient his understanding in connection with this.


Price of investment property:


A lot of companies term online conferences like a real obstacle within the progress of the business. Many of them term online conferences like a upgraded show of cartoons rather of the important tool for his or her business. If the negative opinion is powerful then online meeting cannot end up being effective even it offers considerable scope of exchanging information.




Thus after dealing with benefits and drawbacks of internet conferences it may be figured that this latest manner of communication could be fruitful if you work with a great web conference software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting approximately. Furthermore you should be well experienced using the techniques of internet conferences to ensure that everything could be presented inside a dignified manner.

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Best 6 Strategies for Effective Virtual Conferences

Best 6 Strategies for Effective Virtual Conferences

Nowadays, a lot of companies, companies, and institutions have team people or clients spread around the globe. Like a manager, you want to conduct an online meeting generally. Recently, you'd to go to where your subjects are to possess a ending up in them. However, nowadays, the planet is wired, with virtual/remote or online communication, you'll be able to conduct conferences with lots of individuals from different location anytime who don't always share a workplace.screen sharing software


Maybe you have attended a celebration that appeared like it's a pointless waste of private time? You can now determine exactly the same meeting is going on remotely via video or audio conference. Indeed, it might be even incredibly hard to stay sort and interact with the information. It's indisputable that virtual conferences sometimes possess some challenges varying from technological hiccups, poor timing, ineffective communication tools, and so forth. That notwithstanding, when you're performing such conferences, it is advisable to ensure they're engaging and efficient. However, are you able to accomplish this objective? Here here are six strategies for effective virtual conferences:


Six Strategies for Effective Virtual Conferences


1. Obtain the ultimate virtual meeting service for your requirements


If you're planning to conduct virtual conferences, it's imperative that select the right virtual meeting tools that completely suits your requirements. The good thing is that there are lots of most widely used and incredible online conferencing services. A few of the great options include ezTalks Cloud Meeting, Join.Me, Google Hangouts, amongst others. Different choices frequently stand out well in a few features that possibly suit your needs. Make sure that all individuals taking part in the meeting have experienced the apps easily available and tested to become focusing on their computers or cellular webinar software


2. Distribute materials and agenda in advance


Unless of course it's a casual meeting, formal conferences frequently have detailed agendas that outline what's going to be discussed, not to mention, how long each subject is going to be worked with. If you're planning an online meeting, make sure you have issued discussion matters in advance and steer clear of last-minute scrambles. Typically, for effective virtual communication, remote participants have to be given enough time to access and familiarize themselves using the materials. On top of that, any document (such as the agenda) ought to be labeled and numbered clearly for simple reference because the virtual meeting progresses.


3. Provide detailed instructions regarding how to join the meeting


It shouldn't be assumed that everybody is definitely an internet whiz. Generally, you'll be meeting some those who have not used at all a web-based meeting platform, as well as for that, you'll have an ineffective communication. Therefore, when planning such conferences, you should distribute your invitation and be sure you've incorporated detailed instructions regarding how to join. On top of that, include procedure on what to anticipate as well as how you can contact you in situation the participant experience some challenges.


4. Be sincere of your time zones


Virtual conferences might have participants from around the globe in a with time. As everyone knows, while it may be more suitable for participants working in london to possess a meeting around 2 o'clock within the mid-day, may possibly not be achievable to inquire about someone within the China simultaneously each morning to go to the meeting. Obviously, time difference is really a significant challenge when organizing an online meeting, but you can handle it using Google Calendar add-on, frequently known as World Clock. It shows the right meeting amount of time in every participant's time screen sharing software


5. Possess a plan b


Regardless of how good you've planned your virtual meeting room, it's not possible to manage everything, and from time to time things fail to work out. For example, you might have web connection failure, your mobile phoneOrpc crashes suddenly, or sometimes your participant(s) cannot get connected since they didn't obtain the meeting application ready to go. Each one of these plus much more can render your virtual conferences ineffective. Knowing that, you should possess a plan B. The choice plan could include getting an online backup if you're performing the virtual meeting from the place that encounters services hiccups and glitches. In situation the most well-liked virtual meeting application will be your problem, consider establishing an alternate meeting link. On top of that, possess a backup audio line easily available to supplement your audio just in situation the audio link is garbled.


6. Get participants engaged


It's continues to be recognized that engaging attendees consistently pops up among the leading challenges in running effective remote conferences. Fortunately, you will find endless suggestions and strategies for resolving this problem. It offers assigning each participant a job to participate in the meeting. Encouraging healthy discussions more frequently by posing questions and requesting comments are the engaging interaction which makes a gathering lively.gotomeeting alternative




From the business perspective, virtual conferences, both professional and personal, are more and more becoming standard during the day. Since many people embrace remote conferences like a cost-effective approach to accomplish an array of goals including training, webinars, and conferences, it's imperative to make sure that effective online communication isn't being traded for bottom-line savings. Although meeting virtually won't altogether replace the necessity to meet personally, it's enhanced productivity running a business because of its convenience and easy adoption. Using the listing of strategies for effective virtual conferences described above, the difficulties frequently experienced when performing such conferences will diminish and also the process becomes seamless.screen share software

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ezTalks: Online collaboration software for work

In order to optimize their productivity and teamwork, companies are turning more towards collaborative solutions. Above all, tools for calendar sharing, task management, time scheduling, or instant messaging, many of these solutions now offer advanced features and user-friendly interfaces for mobile situations.

Why choose collaborative enterprise solutions?

Communicate and exchange information quickly both internally and externally
Optimize working time through real-time project management and monitoring
Search for information from any terminal and in a mobility situation
Investing in a cost-effective solution to improve productivity
Deploy and implement projects interactively
Here is a selection of the 10 collaborative solutions that have attracted our attention. It is up to you to make your choice according to your objectives and needs.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Any online meeting will be measured by its clarity in both audio and video communication and the various additional features that it offers. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is designed for continuous use with unlimited access to HD video and audio interfaces.

The software is available for free. It allows the use of innovative whiteboard to improve the extent of collaboration. In addition, you get to enjoy instant screen and content sharing to go with the issues discussed in the meeting. You can record and playback any meeting and use its arranged scheduling features to schedule and manage meetings. It is available for every device including mobile phone interphase.freescreensharing

ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers its users control management features that include muting, permit speak, and lock meeting among other functions. Its online meeting room is designed for internal collaboration, learning and training, external presentation, and webinars.

Office 365

The strong points :

Office 365, designed specifically for enterprises, is made up of a multitude of functionalities dedicated to collaboration in the enterprise. In addition to professional and instant messaging, live note-taking from a web conferencing or One Drive file sharing / storage, Office 365 has the big advantage of providing the Office Pack license with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote in Office 365 Business.alternatives to gotomeeting

The weak spots :

The main disadvantage for an Office 365 Business pack is the time it takes for Microsoft support during an incident. There are indeed 3 different levels.

Non-critical problems: events with low service or productivity impact on the business : Availability: business hours | Support response time: no commitmentscreen sharing programs

Severe: events that affect the productivity of the users but have only a moderate impact on the activity : Availability: business hours | Support response time: no commitment
Critical: events that prevent you from accessing or using your services or data, which have a negative impact on deadlines or profitability : Availability: 24/7 | Media response time: one hour
Another disadvantage if your company resides in France, your data will be hosted in Ireland. Proximity to potentially strategic data will therefore be limited. Adequate and uninterrupted Internet access will be required for the use of video conferencing and HD audio conferencing group video conferencing

Google Apps

The strong points :

In the area of ​​collaborative solutions, there is of course Google Apps for Work. This prominent solution offers features that take into account many communication axes for a project team:

Communication with Gmail, Hangouts for video / audio conferences, Google calendar or the social network Google +
Storage with Drive and the ability to work multiple files on the same document at the same time
Collaboration with Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slides or other Google Sites for intranet projects for example.
Another highlight of Google Apps is its interoperability with other software at attractive screen sharing not working

The weak spots :

However, exploiting its data through Google solutions means accepting that they are potentially exploited elsewhere, since they are necessarily hosted on US territory. Indeed, the Patriot Act and the PRISM program illustrate that our data can be used openly by the US authorities and without prior agreement. The NSA espionage practices revealed by the E.Snowden case are the best conferencing free

Another negative point is that the configuration and adaptation of the platform remain limited since Google offers virtually no personalized approach

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